You’re ready for the real growth and transformation that has helped my clients find their love after working with me for just a couple of months.

  • 1. Veg Love Vault

    Get in the Veg Love database to start your journey!

    More than a database, the Veg Love Vault is the one place where you can be considered as potential matches for my clients and be considered for special events, like The Blind Love Experiment. This isn’t a dating site.

    Join the Veg Love Vault
  • 2. Find Veg Love Program

    10 weeks to finding veg love

    Ready for the real growth and transformation that has helped my clients find veg love after working with me for just a couple of months? Get ready for love with deep support to help you find your perfect match.

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  • 3. Premium Matchmaking

    For graduates of Ready for Love

    For graduates of the Find Veg Love program, premium matchmaking services are available for clients who are ready for love, but who haven’t yet found their perfect match.

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  • 4. Upcoming Events

    Find Veg Love events are online parties!

    Whether I’m matching people during The Blind Love Experiment or we’re hanging out on Zoom for matchmaking mixers, you don’t want to miss what’s next.

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