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Are you READY to find the veg partner of your dreams? Vegan dating doesn’t have to feel impossible!

I help my clients get ready for love, attract who they seek, and meet their perfect veg match.

I offer matchmaking services to help veg singles across the USA and Canada find their animal-loving, health and earth-conscious soulmates. In addition to making excellent vegan matches, I also make sure my clients are ready to strategically and confidently navigate dating so they find healthy, lasting relationships. Vegan Dating is my jam! If you’re ready to find your veg partner, then let’s talk!


Feeling HOPELESS because it’s SO HARD to meet your veg soulmate – especially during a pandemic?

Tired of swiping mindlessly on yet ANOTHER dating app hoping for a different outcome?

Wondering if you’re too picky or if you have a “dating blindspot” that’s keeping you single?

Tired of going on dates with people who don’t respect or understand your veg lifestyle?

Ready to meet your veg life-partner and change your status to “in a relationship”?

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Let’s face it, the dating scene can be draining and down-right discouraging, but I not only make vegan dating FUN, I make it EASY. If you’re anything like a lot of my current clients who are ready for love, you’re sick and tired of wading through all the meat-eating profiles and half-interested people who you just don’t vibe with. So let’s get started today.

True love starts with you. True partnership starts here.



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Feel confident about dating

Feel confident about dating

Life is too short to be single when you don’t want to be.

Take control of your love life and learn more about what I do to help you avoid mismatched mates, fast track your results, feel confident about dating and meet your veg match!

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