FAQ about my Virtual Veg Parties aka Zoom Hangouts

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Q: Do you hold age-specific events? 

A: The short answer is, no, and I have a REALLY good reason. In my almost 10 years as a vegan matchmaker, I’ve found that adult love can come at ANY age– I don’t want to put ANYONE in a “box”. And the reality is, vegans rarely look their age anyway, so who cares! It’s an equal opportunity for all. 🙂

Q: Will there be equal numbers of men and women at these events?

A: I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked this question! Back in the day I used to host veg speed dating events all over the USA and Canada where we always had an equal amount (or pretty close) of men and women. These events are WAY more fun and relaxing (you’re in the comfort of your house!) than those– no equal ratio necessary (but I can honestly say that at almost every event it turned out to be pretty even)! 

Virtual parties are all about CONNECTION. In my almost 10 years as a vegan matchmaker, I’ve found that RELAXED connection is the BEST way to find love, and connection comes in MANY different forms: casually meeting new potential love interests through informal gatherings, making new friends, and doing something fun and entertaining from the comfort of your living room without having to wear a mask are a few. So relax, come ready to meet some like-minded people, and embrace possibility.  

Q: Do you do location specific events?

A: Nope! Why? Because love doesn’t have a zip code! Let’s face it– the pool of veg singles is SMALL, so why close doors? I’m all about opening as many doors as possible and helping my clients keep an open-mind. Dating at a distance has NEVER been easier than it is today, and I have a rock-solid method to make it work. 

Q: Why should I spend $39.99 when I can go on a free dating app?

A: If you don’t mind your fingers going numb from holding your phone, swiping for hours, and coming across maybe 1 vegan for every 500 swipes, AND have all the time in the world to play dating-app roulette, be my guest. 🙂  

But if you want the odds of meeting an emotionally healthy, like-minded vegan who isn’t just looking for a casual relationship to go way up, then think of your $39.99 as a way to cut through the noise and invest in yourself. 

By investing a fraction of the cost of your average date, you get the chance to meet between 20-25 single vegetarians/vegans in about 1 hour. That’s right– no meat eaters in the group! I use my magic and you get to have fun- all during COVID, no less! It’s a win-win.

Q: I’m really shy and introverted – I don’t think this is for me

A: Oh, love– I have your BACK! Around half of everyone at these virtual mixers are JUST LIKE YOU, and I’ve structured them to help introverts and extroverts alike, connect. These events are a great way to get out of your comfort zone, and aren’t intimidating or scary, I promise! I’ve been hosting these since April, and I have a pretty good formula that people really enjoy. I will help you mingle in a no-pressure, fun way.

Q: How will I be able to connect with the people I meet at the hangout/party?

A: After every event I do a post in the Find Veg Love group that says “CONNECT with others from the virtual party HERE”. People comment and you can interact with them that way.  I do it this way so no one is put on the spot during the actual event. Also, in order to make everyone feel as comfortable as possible, I ask that nobody exchange info during the event, but to wait for the Facebook post afterward.

Q: I’m probably not going to meet anyone, why would I waste my time?

A: If that’s your mindset, you’re probably right! Because most of what makes us successful in love is the MINDSET we come to the table with. So if you’re expecting failure, I’m sorry to say, that’s probably what you’ll get. BUT, if you’re open to possibility, you never know what might be around the corner.  Love is ALL about taking risks and putting yourself out there, and I get it, it’s hard!  But what if a small decision today totally changed the course of your tomorrows? 

Just the other day I got an email from someone who went to one of my veg speed dating events years ago, telling me that she met someone there and– guess what? They’re getting married next year!  This is going to be the 4th wedding that I know of from people meeting at my events! You can check out her story here.

It REALLY does happen, friends! These events can literally change your life….but only if you take the chance!

As I said before, these parties are all about CONNECTION.

Meeting new people with shared common interests in a totally chill, safe and fun vibe.

These events help you put yourself out there, be brave and practice getting to know other like-minded veg singles in a safe and comfortable manner.

Plus, my matchmaking clients attend these parties too, so don’t miss out on the chance of being a potential match for my clients!

No matter if you’re an introvert, or an extrovert, there is NO PRESSURE to perform.

Just show up and be yourself! It’s all good. I’m very good at making these hangouts fun and non-intimidating, and I LOVE helping people with like-minded interests get to know each other.

Check out the full line-up of upcoming events by clicking HERE