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Close to 5000 connections since 2017

Why does Veg Speed Date work so well?

These aren’t your typical singles events. I am committed to vegans and vegetarians. I am super passionate about building relationships and connecting people together. Everyone you meet at my events will be vegan or vegetarian.  I only partner with veg-friendly businesses and venues. And I definitely won’t suggest you go hunting for your second date (yes, seriously, another site recommends that).

Iwork hard to make sure there’s an equal number of men and women – or very close to it, at the male & female speed dating events.  put in tons of time and effort to make sure your chances for a real connection are optimized. If you’ve been feeling frustrated that it’s hard to meet a vegan or vegetarian to date, Veg Speed Date is here to help!

I’ve refined the unique Veg Speed Date concept over 7 years – thinking through every detail to make sure people have a great time, don’t need to worry about feeling rejected, and have the best chance of making that special connection. My events have resulted in life-changing matches for vegans and vegetarians since 2011 — just take a look at the success stories and check out how Veg Speed Date has given rise to long-term relationships, marriages, and families. Now, since Valentine’s 2017, I’ve creating these kinds of success stories all over the United States and Canada!

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We Get the Details Right
These events are about the details.
We keep the groups small so that they’re not overwhelming and you have time to really connect. We’ve found that more intimate settings help love connections happen – which is the whole point anyway, right?
Our events are set up for your success.
Typically there will be 12-30 participants at our speed dating events. For our male/female events, that means about 6-15 women and 6-15 men. In our 7+ years experience, this size is the most fun and optimises your chances of a real love match. It’s all about quality not quantity!
Meet in person, without the awkwardness
No judgement. No rejection. No pressure. 
Our unique online matching system means you never have to tell anyone whether you like them. There’s no awkwardness around exchanging contact info, because we take care of that. You decide whom you want us to match you with, for dating and/or friendship, and it’s totally confidential.  
We keep it fun & low-stress.
All you need to do is have a great time and chat with some like-minded vegan and vegetarian singles, then fill out a quick online form. We take care of the rest. You’ll find out who you matched with by midnight!

The event was fantastic! It ran smoothly, there were plenty of interesting people to chat with, and I’m happy with the matches I got. I’m looking forward to the future events.

Veg Speed Dater, Ottawa

Casual, friendly atmosphere. Not competitive or rushed. I would definitely attend another event.

Veg Speed Dater, Washington DC

I loved it. It was way less awkward than I thought it would be.

Veg Speed Dater, Edmonton
Here's why our events are the best way on planet earth to meet veg singles.
Meet veg singles in person, without judgement or rejection.
No pressure to tell anyone whether you like them.
No exchanging contact info at the event.
Confidential match results by midnight.

Answers to some Common Questions

Speed Dating is ten to thirty times more effective!

According to the New York Times,Customers of online dating services typically end up going out with fewer than 1 percent of the people whose profiles they study online. But something very different happens at a speed-dating event. The average participant makes a match with at least 1 in 10 of the people they meet; some studies have found the average is 2 or 3 out of 10.”

Our numbers back this up. 3 out of 4 Veg Speed Daters find a love connection the very first time they try one of our events. At our Valentine’s Week 2017 launch events, alone, 241 matches were made between veg singles all over North America! So, while we can’t speak for online dating, our numbers show that if you invest just 2 hours in attending one of our events, you have a 3 in 4 likelihood of connecting with a vegan or vegetarian love interest.

Actually the gender split is about even!

While some polls have historically suggested there were more female vegetarians, more recent polls show the gender split is pretty much even as of 2016. There is even some evidence that more men are vegan than women! But overall, the Vegetarian Resource Group — the organization that has done this research most consistently — concludes it is a “misconception that more women than men are vegetarian.”

So don’t worry about there being more women than men at our events. The statistics are in your favour, and, Karine has been producing these events for years and has gotten really skilled at balancing the ratio. In fact this is one of the reasons her events are so successful and continue to please customers.

Exceptional!!! This event is the most gracious, easy and comfortable way to meet quality men that I can think of. I never knew these men existed before this event. I love that every thing was so precisely organized. Thank you again for offering the best way to meet vegan & vegetarian men; nothing else compares!!!!
Veg Speed Dater, Philadelphia, 2017
As a vegan male, it has been increasingly important for me to find a like minded gal, so it was great having a roomful of single eligible vegan girls to chat with! I’ve attended non-veg speed dating events and found Karine Brighten’s event to be much better organized with an even number of girls and guys! I look forward to attending other events in the future!
Veg Speed Dater, Ottawa, 2016

Veg Speed Date is simply the best and the fastest way to meet someone if you are vegan/vegetarian and single. But don’t just take our word for it…

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