The spookiest vegan candy for Halloween

I’m telling you…if you’ve been waiting at home, bored out of your mind, swiping on your vegan dating apps and filling out endless dating site forms (ugh, the worse!!!) in hopes of finding your veg soulmate, it’s time to try something different. 

Halloween is THE perfect time to leave your house and meet vegan and vegetarian singles in your area, as we mentioned in our vegan dating article! And I’m sure you’re wondering where on EARTH these veg studs are hiding. Under a rock? In a Whole Foods fruit and veggies isle? 

We feel you. The whole point of creating Find Veg Love was to help veg singles all across North America find their special partner, and to simplify vegan dating once and for all.

Now, unless you go to a Veg Speed Date event, you’ll only discover other local veg singles, in person, by getting out of the house and putting yourself out there. That’s how you can potentially meet vegan girls and vegan guys (they are out there, somewhere!). So, get yourself a fun Halloween costume, and either host a spooky veg party, or look for local Halloween parties you can attend. Some parties are even completely veg! (Thank goodness for facebook groups and google!)

Whether you are hosting or attending one of those parties, you’re absolutely going to want to stock up on some vegan candy and chocolate (another great way to conquer a vegan’s heart!).

Here’s a list of 11 yummy Halloween treats from 100% vegan companies:

  1. Nelly’s Organics
  2. Nomba Candies
  3. No Whey Foods
  4. Rescue Chocolates
  5. Seitenbacher
  6. Chicago Vegan Foods
  7. Chocolate Hollow
  8. Cocomels
  9. Eva’s cultured candy
  10. Go Max Go Foods
  11. Obsessive Confection Disorder

P.S.: If you want to support an all vegan online store, you can shop your Halloween treats at Vegan Essentials!

There you have it: all the best vegan treats for an awesome, cruelty-free Halloween party. You never know, you may very well bump into people who share your values, because more and more people are going veg every single day! If you want a little extra help meeting the right person, keep in mind we have a free database which allows you to be considered a potential match for our veg matchmaking clients. Trust me, filling out this form will only take you a few minutes, and it can change your life forever.

Lastly, remember to have fun, be yourself, and keep an open heart. That’s the winning attitude, especially when vegan dating. 😉

Wishing you all a spooktacular Halloween! 


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