Zoom Hangouts

with Vegan Cupid are back!

Tickets on Sale Now.

The first event is coming up soon - West Coast Vegans Unite!



Register quickly!

Spots fly fast and I limit participants to make sure this is more interactive (and way more fun) than that last predictable party you attended.

A really small investment in an adventure! Cost is only $39 per hangout...the cost of 5 vegan lattes, and worth more than you know!

Only 30 spots per hangout.


  • Vegetarian and vegan singles
  • Those wanting to make new connections (friendship or romantic)
  • Living in The USA or Canada
  • Ages 21+
  • Happy people with a great attitude / mindset


So what’s the scoop?

  • Positive vibes only, totally chill, totally fun
  • These events help you put yourself out there, be brave and practice getting to know one another.
  • We Zoom for about 1-1.5 hours, so low-pressure commitment
  • You’ll be saying hello to everyone! (Practice that intro & hello in the bathroom mirror)
  • See anyone you like? Connect with them via my private Find Veg Love Facebook Group and continue the conversation

Increase your chances!

I created this bundle to help you meet other veg singles (who are also committed to finding their life partner), learn new dating tools and strategies, and offer you guidance and support.

What's Included

Zoom Hangouts

Unlimited access to all 2021 hangouts.

See anyone you like at a hangout?

Let me know and I'll tell you if they are a GREAT match for you.

If they are, I'll reach out to them and see if they are interested in connecting!

(this service is only available to those who purchase this bundle)

Share Your Profile

For the last few years, I've been building a great community of veg singles in my FVL Facebook Group.

It's not the biggest veg singles group on FB, but I can tell you that I work really hard to make sure it is a safe space, free of trolls, haters, and fake profiles.

As part of this bundle, you will have the opportunity to do a post every Friday sharing your bio and photo.

As of September, this feature is only available to paying clients. Because not everyone will want to pay, your post will get lots of attention!

Dating Profile Review

The key to being successful in getting matches starts with having a great bio and pictures.

I will personally review 1 profile of your choice and give you pointers, feedback, and suggestions to increase your chances of finding high-quality matches.

I will be totally honest with you and if your picture isn't doing you justice, I will tell you!

I want to set you up for success as best as I can.

Find a Match on Clubhouse

If you don't already know, I am a HUGE fan of Clubhouse! I made so many incredible connections and it really helped me get through the pandemic.

I am so passionate about it that I created a 5-day course that teaches you what Clubhouse is all about, how to use it, and how to find high-quality matches.

Live Workshop

I plan on hosting at least 1 workshop this year and you'll get access to whatever I host as part of this package.

Workshops I've hosted in the past:

Video Dating 101

Astrology & Dating

Workshop details TBA in the new few weeks.

Dating Refresh Guide

Your one-stop shop to help you find veg matches, without a dating app.

It includes everything from how to prepare for a date, putting yourself out there, where to find veg singles, recognizing the red and green flags, how to approach a crush, and much more.

Click here to learn more


Why I created these events.

Back in April 2020, the majority of people were self-isolating. Many of us were faced with LOTS of extra time to reflect on life and priorities.

For me, it meant I wanted to support my vegan community more, and give them the opportunity to connect with like-minded people, in a safe way, without having to leave home.  

I’ve always been passionate about bringing vegan singles together. Back in the day, I hosted Veg Speed Date events across North America. These events resulted in thousands of vegan singles making new friends, new romantic relationships, and even marriages. 

I wanted to bring the same energy online, so I hosted a virtual hangout for vegan singles.  

The demand was SO high, I ended up creating 6 sessions over the course of 2 weeks!

From wine & vegan cheese pairings to meetups for outdoor lovers, and spiritual vegans. The hangouts were a big success!  

These hangouts were only meant to be a temporary thing to help people feel less isolated until the world got back to “normal”

Well, things weren’t getting back to “normal”, so I kept hosting more and more zoom hangouts and was hosting 2-3 per month because people loved them so much.

I ended up doing that for all of 2020 and decided to take a break because they were lots of work.

But I've decided to bring them back for a few more months!