On the topic of Dating Meat Eaters…

Vegan Dating vs Dating A Non-Vegan

One of the first things that comes up when I tell people I’m a Vegan Cupid is that people ask me if I only work with Veg people. 

The answer is a resounding YES!

Why is that?

Because for too long I’ve seen people compromise what they believe in to date people who don’t respect their choices… and often that comes up when my veg clients have told me about dating meat eaters.

Look, I am not out to get meat eaters… In fact, there are PLENTY of respectful people who do eat meat, and who really take heart around vegans and vegetarians when dating.

So why do I focus on non-meat eaters when it comes to vegan dating?

Because I’m the only Vegan Matchmaker working exclusively with vegetarians and vegans! They are plenty of other wonderful non-veg matchmakers out there, so vegan dating is my jam!

If you are looking for a TRUE strong connection with someone – having the same morals, beliefs, ethics in one of life’s most basic daily needs–food– is a great start.

Think about it… there is no other area of your life where your values will be tested on such a regular basis. You have to eat EVERY DAY. This one activity is often a bonding activity for couples, and it’s important to understand and respect one another in this area.

Because your values go beyond just food, you’re talking about so much more. You’re talking about a total lifestyle. You need someone who is comfortable living your life–all of it—with you. 

If you want to meet someone who vibes with you on your soul-level check out my Find Your Match Package – I promise it’s way more FUN than dating apps…

In summary, dating a non-veg doesn’t have to be a TOTAL deal-breaker, but if it is for you, it’s time to stop compromising who you are to find your veg love.

Sending you love,



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