My fave vegan dating love story of 2020

My fave vegan dating love story of 2020

Meet Todd & Anu (click here to see the video interview)

Todd had hired me to be his personal matchmaker and to go through my 10-week program to ensure he was doing everything he could to not only find his match, but to be a great catch!

Around the same time, Anu joined my 10 week program to rediscover herself and refresh her perspective on love, dating, and relationships so she could meet the match she was destined to find.

Todd and Anu met for the first time on a Zoom group call, and I felt it IMMEDIATELY.


I reached out to check on my intuition, wink wink, and the love story began…

It’s a sweet story and I love it because it has all the elements one wants when reading a love story…

I LOVE it when people find love, but the magic that actually happened isn’t because it was “meant to be” with “perfect timing” and “sparks” and intuitive “connection”…

It’s because both Todd & Anu made the decision to invest in themselves, stop playing the swipe game and be serious about giving themselves permission for what they REALLY WANT…

They stopped the insanity of putting up too many walls for themselves and bravely stepped into vulnerability, clarity and the real work to both BE A GREAT CATCH and FIND THEIR GREAT MATCH.

The truth is we all have habits that we don’t even know about that contribute to our self-sabotage.

And then, one day, we realize we’re sick of doing the same thing over and over again and make a REAL CHANGE that leads to what we’ve been looking for all along.

When Todd & Anu opened themselves to possibility outside of their respective locations, their world opened to their dreams.

Now, they are exclusive, send each other care packages, take virtual staycations together, cook together and workout together every morning (virtually – they haven’t even met in person yet and will do so once they are both vaccinated!).

What do you wish for?

Will you allow yourself to have it?

It’s not the world that is keeping you from finding your love…

You get to decide.

Book a call to let go of what is holding you back and explore how an open mind and an open heart can lead you to what you’ve been wishing for…

Sending You Love,

Your Vegan Cupid Karine


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