Vegan Dating doesn't have to be a struggle. I provide a variety of services and programs (beyond what is listed on this page) to help you on your vegan dating journey to finding love.  As a Vegan Matchmaker and Vegan Dating Expert, I am always coming up with fun and creative ways to help my clients find love.

If you’re ready for the real growth and transformation that has helped my clients find their love after working with me for just a couple of months, book a call, and let's talk!

  • 1. Veg Love Vault

    Get in the Veg Love database to start your journey!

    More than a database, the Veg Love Vault is the one place where you can be considered as potential matches for my clients, find out about my upcoming events and more. This isn’t a dating site.

    Access Veg Singles!
  • 2. Matchmaking

    For committed people only

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  • 3. Get Ready for Love Program

    8 Week 1:1 Program

    Would you go all-in, 100% to find your compassionate partner?  That someone who vibes with you on your soul-level, not just on the surface...

  • 4. Find Your Match

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  • 5. Find a Match on Clubhouse

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