How to Find Your Vegan Love 101 – Part 4

Vegan Dating – Are You Wasting Your Time? Be Honest!

Continuing my series on vegan dating and how to both be, and find, love with a vegan and vegetarian lifestyle.

Today, I want to talk about TIME WASTERS.

Have you ever caught yourself mindlessly swiping left and right on yet another app, going on dates with people who don’t respect your lifestyle choices, or people who you are just not compatible with?

If you answered yes, don’t worry, you’re not alone.  

Relationships are very complex, and throw in the vegan and vegetarian dating thing and it can become even more complicated. If you are compromising on your core values in order to find a lasting relationship, I’m here to tell you it probably won’t work.

As a vegan matchmaker & dating coach, I can’t tell you how often I’ve seen people struggle to find an amazing veg partner.

I once spoke with a 40 year old man who admitted he has really low self-confidence, he told me he’s embarrassed that he hasn’t been able to settle down and start a family, and that he has given up hope on finding love.

He’s gone through 2 really bad breakups that left him feeling resentful, scared, and resulted in him having low self esteem.  

What has he been doing to try to find love? He’s been doing the dating apps, swiping mindlessly, hoping for a connection.  Even though he knows finding a vegan partner on an app is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

He’s been single for quite some time, and because the dating apps aren’t working for him, he started feeling like something was really wrong with him.

Why is he going on dating apps like so many people? Because it’s the EASY thing to do… 

Repeating the same patterns over and over again won’t give you different results, it’s just going to make you feel even more disconnected, lonely, and frustrated.

Another common theme I’ve heard from several women is that they were married to narcissists and can’t find someone who isn’t self absorbed. They think that if they just moved their location, they’d find people who are more compatible… 

So let me ask you – do you think you are attracting the WRONG kind of love? I want you to take a minute to really think about it…..And it’s ok if you say that you are…this isn’t a judgment on you. And I promise once you decide to change it you will see things differently.

It isn’t the dating app, location or the narcissism that is the issue. It’s that it really IS OK TO STOP DATING THE WRONG PEOPLE AND STOP SWIPING THE DATING APPS!

Finding your love is not impossible. It is available to you and you are not a failure if you’ve not done it yet! 

You only need to find ONE person, there are 8 billion people on the planet….. 

So the question you really need to consider is

Do you think you might be attracting the WRONG kind of love?

Take Mary for example, she spent TWO decades dating and feeling frustrated because she couldn’t find any veg men! So she went on a bunch of dates with men who weren’t vegan. But the problem was that she was miserable sitting across the table and having to watch someone eat steak, or her date would take her somewhere and there was nothing but salad on the menu for her to eat…. 

One time a guy proposed going to the zoo for a date [because she “loved animals” so much]…yup!

When she started working with me, we worked through the process to let go of compromising her core values and reclaim the respect she deserves while vegan dating.

We all deserve that respect. 

We all deserve life beyond Match, Bumble, Tinder, Grinder, Hinge, OkCupid and the like…

What if the plan was based on YOU NOT WASTING YOUR TIME?

It can be. You just need to decide. When you’re ready, book a call with me


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