How to Find Your Vegan Love 101 – Part 5

Vegan Dating Life

Vegan dating and finding love with those who share your vegan and vegetarian lifestyle can be way easier than the dating apps make it out to be.

But have you considered that one of the first steps to take in partnership is starting with you?

Before you find the ultimate match, you have to be the love of your life.

To do that, I want to ask you: 

Have you taken the time to assess, heal and truly recognize who you are?

When I say “recognize who you are” I’m talking about knowing and fully believing that YOU ARE AWESOME, that you have a special and unique talent, and just because your last relationship didn’t work, or you haven’t gone on a date for a long time, or haven’t had any success on those dating apps – it doesn’t take away from your awesomeness!

You need to assess yourself regularly! And it is so important to take time to heal the things that bother you so you can see yourself as the awesome human you are.

I’m here to tell you that you ARE worthy of finding love and being loved, it all starts within you. 


When you have a lack of self love you end up attracting the WRONG person, and that’s not what you want. And you may know all of these things mentally, but unless you know them deeply and how to apply them, you’ll never really feel them or believe them.

When you are confident, empowered, strong, and happy, you’ll start attracting the right partner for you.

I have personally witnessed someone very close to me have one bad relationship after the other throughout her life, and I always knew it was because she had low self-esteem and didn’t love herself.  

Because if she did, how could she put up with the things she put up with? She was mentally and physically abused by her partners, and it was incredibly hard for me to watch.  

She is such a nice caring person, and deserves SO much better, but yet always attracts the wrong men.  And she knew that she was a good person, but that didn’t stop the behavior.

I’ve had numerous clients and close friends experience similar things, and it saddens me because I know it’s a lack of self-worth, low confidence, and unworthiness. 

If you don’t truly love yourself how can you expect a partner to love you? 

Love attracts love, negativity attracts negativity.

Loving yourself is extremely powerful and it will directly impact many situations in life on a personal and professional side.  

I get it. When you get burned by someone you care about, it sucks and it makes you question yourself.  

Until you have a framework that you can use so that you can TRUST deeply that there is someone for you, you’ll never find the person you seek.

You WILL find someone who will love and accept you for YOU, but in order to find that kind of love, you have to become the love of your life FIRST.

You are the magnet who attracts what you seek.

So, what are your next steps? 

If you’re ready for the deep support to shift your magnet to ON, I’m here


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