How to Find Your Vegan Love 101 – Part 1

Vegan Dating – Vegan Love – It doesn’t have to be impossible!

Me again! Karine, aka Vegan Cupid, Matchmaker & Dating Coach! I decided to blog a little about Cupid Class, and what you need to know about yourself before you continue on the journey of vegan dating.

Many people come to my site and my groups because they are looking for ANSWERS… but they don’t realize that the answers that they are seeking is in the work of UNDOING what they think they know about matchmaking, vegan dating and having a committed relationship while living a veg lifestyle.

And, too often I see my fellow veg community looking for partners who share their love of animals, only to feel like love isn’t accessible to them because they are “too picky.” They are guilted by family and friends and shamed for having standards. And, they feel like searching for the right one is like trying to find that mythical needle in a haystack.

You’re here because likely, you’ve felt some of the same things my community and clients tell me about daily.

  • That they don’t want to compromise their values anymore just to find a partner. 
  • That they are sick of people setting them up with meat-eaters who question their vegan lifestyle. 
  • That they think it’s hopeless to find someone who doesn’t just say they want a partner – but the one who is really open to love with someone who shares their veg values.

So in my next few blogs, I’m going to BREAK IT DOWN FOR YOU and help you undo what you think you know about both being, and finding the love of your life.

Stay tuned!


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