Why Vegan Dating Guides don’t help you find love…

Vegan Dating Guide?

As a Vegan Cupid, of course I have tips, tricks when it comes to vegan dating and know-how to match vegetarians and vegans well and make vegan love connections! 

And YES, I do have a Veg Love Guide! And it is absolutely instrumental to the work I do!

But you can’t have it for some low-ball $37 price tag, sorry.

I get it. We all want a guide, a plan… the right steps to STOP what we’re doing that isn’t working

  • Swiping on apps
  • Randomly putting ourselves out there
  • Trying to make connections online without knowing who we are really reaching

But maps, guides and templates DON’T WORK!

Instead, they take your confusion and lack of ability to deeply connect with yourself, and the vegan love you seek, and organize it into a series of steps that alone cannot work without the deep and structured support that is BASED ON YOU.

For all of my love of love, and how to help people find the vegan love the seek, I STILL STRUGGLE with the idea that “love just comes” when it’s time, or that “love inspiration” will hit at exactly the right moment.

But I see it over and over and over again… even in a pandemic

What gets these results isn’t my Vegan Dating Love Guide, though it is chock-full of amazing content, it’s the support and personal plan that each of my Veg Love Program clients builds along with me as part of their journey on self-discovery, self-mastery and self-connection.

Then, when we couple that with the better ways to attract, communicate and connect?

That’s Veg Love Magic!

My Vegan Dating Love process isn’t tips and tricks. It’s vegan dating based on YOU. If you want to learn more about my 10-week coaching accelerator for committed vegetarians and vegans who are ready to do the deep internal work necessary to find and attract the RIGHT kind of partner– WITHOUT the dating apps, then you can click here and learn more, or shoot me a note about what it is that you’re truly looking for and what you think is blocking you from receiving it.

With love,

Your Vegan Cupid


Check out my Find Your Match Program – it’s a GREAT alternative to dating apps, I promise!