Time to “pumpkin spice” UP your veg love life!

Can you smell the cinnamon and nutmeg beverages already? Have you started listening to your favorite folk, acoustic songs in the car? That’s right. Fall is finally here and there is no better time to get cozy and fall in love. 

Why, you ask?

Because it’s PUMPKIN SPICE SEASON! And while you are at it…why not get yourself a cute veg girlfriend, or a handsome veg guy, to spice up your love life, and eat pumpkin spice everything with?

Ok on a more serious note…

Time to get off that vegan dating app, and finally enjoy dating a vegan or a vegetarian in real life…right about now!

vegan dating, dating a vegan girl, vegan relationships, vegetarian datingHere are my top reasons of why Fall is the absolute best time to fall in love:

The weather: it’s not too hot, but just cool enough to put on a nice sweater, take out your favorite scarf, and go for beautiful autumn walks around town or at the park with your date. Oh and cuddle.

Romantic indoor activities: now that summer is over, people tend to spend evenings indoors, or at least, go somewhere cozy. What a great opportunity to go out for dinner at your favorite vegan friendly restaurants (if you are in LA, you will LOVE Crossroads Kitchen!), sip on a nice warm apple cider, or go for a movie! 

Here are a few online guides to help you find the best spot to eat: Veg Out LA, Happy Cow, Veg Guide.

Typical Fall events/outings: there are many fun parties to attend/host and occasions to connect with others this time of year. Halloween parties (show them your best veg costume haha!), Friendsgiving (that’s Thanksgiving with your friends – minus the turkey of course), apple picking, a day at the pumpkin patch, Veg Speed Date events, etc. There are also many upcoming vegan Fall events you’ll want to check out: Vegan Christmas Market, Portland Veg Fest, Veg Out Events. And since we are all animal lovers here, why not spend the day at a farm animal sanctuary? What a great way to bump into vegan singles 😉 Here are a few sanctuaries you’ll love: Poplar Spring, Animal Sanctuary, The Gentle Barn)

Emotional availability: although this is on a case-by-case basis, I find that men and women tend to get more in tune with what they want and who they want to date, in this season of introspection and transformation. Therefore, I notice more letting go of what does not serve them, and making room for what does. It’s Fall cleaning for the heart, and time to open it up to the right person. 

The Holidays are close: with the festivities getting closer and closer, and the romantic winter movie marathons playing on TV, you may feel the desire to find your special veg partner to take home for the holidays and to kiss under the mistletoe. P.S. Ladies, check out Petit Vour’s beauty boxes. You’ll need a cute lipstick for that magical kiss, right? 

veg speed date, veg matchmaking, find veg love

Ready to fall in love? Put on your favorite outfit, take a real break from the vegan dating app world, get out of the house and start mingling. With all the fun fall activities mentioned above, and so many vegan friendly restaurants to discover, no wonder this is the time of the year to spice up your love life!

And if you want to make things easier and meet a bunch of vegan and vegetarian singles who share your values, grab your ticket for the next veg speed dating event in your city. 

Worst case scenario, you make many new friends to go apple picking with. Best case scenario, you find your dream veg partner and sip on some homemade vegan pumpkin spice lattés while snuggling on the couch all season long! 


P.S. If you really don’t want to get out of the house (I feel you, slippers are the best!), or if you are a really busy professional, my Veg Matchmaking services may be the best option for you. Check it out here.

You can also sign up for our free database to be potentially introduced to our clients.

And remember to fall in love with yourself first. That self-love glow is simply irresistible to others. Much more so than apple cider! 😉

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