Creating Your Love Life

Vegan Dating Life

What do you do when you’re happy with who you are more than just about anyone you know but you have a really hard time finding someone to share your world with?

If you’re like many of my clients, you get online and poke around facebook, TikTok and maybe even Clubhouse, or you swipe through vegan dating apps, or you look in vegetarian groups, or you give up and tell yourself it’s “just for now.” 

Until it isn’t just for now. It’s been NOW for a long time.

And sure, the pandemic is at play and maybe you’ve had some fun connections with people who don’t show up fully and aren’t the right match. I’m going to stop you right here and ask you a question.

When is it going to be time for you to STOP creating this cycle?

Will it be time when the pandemic is over? Or when you move to a different job, city or situation? Or when the right time comes along?Or when the pool of Veg singles becomes more apparent…if you can only find them?

These are only a handful of beliefs I help my clients overcome so they can stop swiping and find their Veg Love with more flow, ease and love.

In this blog, I’m going to give you an exercise you can do RIGHT NOW to help you see what is keeping you from the love you seek.

Here’s the exercise:

Get a journal.

Write out this sentence: “If I, (insert your name), were to find my Veg Love (or insert what a Veg partnership would be for you), I fear that….

Because instead of focusing on what you can do which isn’t solving the problem, you first have to understand WHAT YOU FEAR.

Don’t half ass it. Really do it. 

Because what awaits you on the other side is the REAL CLARITY of what is blocking you… and once you name it, I can help you deal with it. Send me an email and let me know what you’ve found out about yourself.

(Or, if you’re really ready to invest the time, effort and energy to do so and are serious about working with me, book a call.)

If you’ve done all the self-healing stuff and just want help putting yourself out there, check out my Find Your Match Program – it’s a GREAT alternative to dating apps, I promise!