Vegan Dating in the US and Abroad


So you typed in “speed dating near me” on Google, you went to the event and spent valuable time speaking with potential romantic partners. However, at the end of the day, you just didn’t feel that connection you are looking for because you wanted something deeper and more meaningful. 

Not to mention the snide remarks of people when you say you’re a vegan: “bacon tho”, “what if you get trapped in a desert island with a pig, what would you eat?”,  “I could never leave cheese”, “So what do you eat???”, “Jeez, you guys are extreme!”. So, you sigh or roll your eyes. 

You see, finding a partner can be a bit of a challenge in itself, especially if you’re looking for someone more connected with nature, and has compassion for the animals just like you! 

Now, what if I tell you that you have more chance of finding the right partner by joining a revolutionary speed dating event wherein you meet people that are more likely to share common interests with you, especially when it comes to your love for the animals?

Gone are the boring, superficial, and traditional speed dating events because the future is vegan! Hence, veg speed dating events.  


Misconceptions about dating after becoming vegan


I guess you would agree that vegan dating is way better than merely typing “speed dating near me” on Google, then going to a place where your chance of finding a lovely match is a ratio of one to a hundred. 

However, the challenges that you might face about dating after becoming vegan lies on the many misconceptions about the lifestyle. So, let’s clear the confusion and bust two of the most popular myths that need to be put to rest for good.


It’s hard to find a vegan man


One study suggests that men have a strong association between masculinity and meat. But if you’re a vegan woman reading this, fret not. 

You see, people are waking up and seeing that veganism is the single biggest avenue for mankind to cultivate non-violence and compassion, to care for the animals, the planet, for their health, and the future of the next generation. 

Also, with many vegan men in Hollywood such as Brad Pitt, Russell Brand, and Tobey Maguire (to name a few) advocating for veganism… 

…and plenty of stunning vegan men who are also social media stars such as James AspeyEarthling Ed, and Gaiaisi spreading the vegan message through activism, you can expect that more and more men will switch to the vegan lifestyle in no time. 

Plus, the innovation of food and plant-based meat is becoming massive each year. For sure, a lot of men would be happy to choose cruelty-free meat without compromising their masculinity. So, it wouldn’t be hard to find vegan men! 

Now, if you’re a vegan man reading this, let yourself be easily found through joining veg speed dating events

It would be so lovely to find someone who shares the same passion and principles as you do. Finding a vegan lover after becoming a vegan yourself, signals a promising love affair. Compatibility is a primary ingredient for a smooth-sailing relationship, after all.


Majority of people think that it is hard to date a vegan


This is a common stereotype to vegans because the majority of the population in the US and even overseas are non-vegans. Well, not yet. 

So, people think that dating a vegan would mean having to “restrict” their own diet and having to let go of the things they love that doesn’t really support the welfare of the animals such as going to zoos, owning things made from animal leather, or wearing clothes made from animal fur. 

Now, if you’re a vegan reading this, education, not judgment, can be an effective approach to help people understand the profound purpose of veganism. After all, most vegans were not born vegans. So, you should understand the blindfold that non-vegans are wearing, and help them take it off in a loving manner. 

You can start by showing them that vegans are never restricted when it comes to eating delicious food—take them to epic vegan or vegan-friendly restaurants that serve delectable plant-based meat and desserts! 

Pro tip: Use the Happy Cow app to find amazing vegan restaurants near you. 

Also, show people that you can own and wear even cooler things without having to take the skin or fur of defenseless animals. You will find that a lot of people still don’t know that vegan leather and faux fur exist! 

Plus, you can take them on meaningful dates such as visiting or volunteering for an animal sanctuary—hearing the story of how an abandoned, hopeless, or in near-death animal found refuge in such a peaceful place. 

It’s time to change people’s perspective—dating a vegan is not hard, and it sure is unconventional, which will make your dating journey even romantic!


What is vegan dating like in the US?


The vegan dating scene in the US is not yet as open as other forms of dating, with 28.2% of singles in the country steering clear of vegan love. 

Many cite “inconvenience” as a primary reason for not dating a vegan. They think that they might encounter conflicts when they’re with someone who doesn’t eat fast food or greasy fare in truck stops where animals are served as food.

Even though the number of vegan dating websites is growing—indicating vegan dating in the US is moving in a positive more popular direction—it can be best to find love in person at a veg speed dating event.


Changes you can expect after becoming vegan

Living a vegan lifestyle will affect various aspects of your life, not just your body and health.



Old friends may either get on board or find hanging out with you awkward because they don’t want to upset you by eating animals around you. There’s a high chance that you will change your set of closest friends as you find belongingness with vegan friends, especially those that you meet in online vegan communities. 



Unless you’re living with your family, adjustment won’t be that hard. Still, you might have to adjust as you will still want to spend holidays and family meals together. Whatever their reaction is, consider it anyway. You might be surprised at how accepting and accommodating they can be, as they love you and want you to be happy. 

Most vegans also successfully introduce their families to plant-based eating as they educate them with the ethical and positive health impacts that a vegan lifestyle can bring.



Finding a loving partner as a vegan would mean choosing between someone who shares your lifestyle or not, and hoping the relationship works. 

There are also more female vegans than males. If you’re a straight woman, finding the perfect male match may be more limiting. However, finding a partner that is compatible with you and your values will be rewarding on so many levels! As veganism grows, so will the vegan dating pool.


What is it like to be vegan in other countries?


The outlook is good or bad, depending on the country. According to most vegan travelers, some countries are more vegan-friendly than others, which increases your chances of positive results if you search for “speed dating near me” for vegans. 

The good news is there’s a population of vegans everywhere in the world these days. This means that you don’t need to sacrifice your compassionate lifestyle when you travel abroad. 

Now, the data that we will show you below is taken from Vegan vs. Travel

Top vegan countries where your soulmate might be

  • Israel
  • Germany
  • Malaysia
  • Indonesia
  • Laos 
  • Thailand 
  • Denmark
  • Norway
  • Sweden 
  • Canada 
  • The United States of America 
  • The United Kingdom 
  • Jordan 
  • The United Arab Emirates 
  • Hungary

You might find it a bit more challenging to find your vegan lover in these not-so-vegan-friendly countries

  • Japan
  • Italy 
  • Philippines


Final Thoughts


So which is better, vegan dating in the US or overseas? It really depends on where you are and what your options are in finding someone you’re compatible with depending on the country you’re in and how vegan-friendly it is. It might be easier to find love when you look for someone whose ethics and passions align with your own.

Also, the next time you try to find veg love, start typing “vegan speed dating near me”, it will be a lot easier to come to the right place!  Good luck. 

This article is published by Bong Bonlai Vegan Restaurant, with the help and support of the vegan marketers at Ardor SEO, we all want to promote this compassionate lifestyle to everyone, and help vegans find people with the same passion as them.