Vegan Cupid Show – Modern Dating in a Vegan World Special Valentine’s Day Edition show

 LIVE Streamed on the Plant-Based Network – Sunday February 14th, 1:30pm PST / 4:30pm EST

February is the month of love and this Valentine’s Day, I have a very special live show planned for you! 

Back in December I hosted the pilot episode for Vegan Cupid Dating Show – Modern Dating in a Vegan World – which was my take on the modern version of classified ads. I featured 4 of my lovely veg singles in the hopes of helping them find love.  If you missed it, you can watch it here.

And last year, I hosted a show called The Blind Love Experiment.  It was my way of showing everyone that it’s totally possible to develop a connection with someone without knowing what they actually look like. Both shows were SO much fun!

For Valentine’s Day I’ll be doing a bit of a mix of both–  I’ll be showcasing my super down-to earth and incredibly funny matchmaking client Abi, and will choose 3 dynamic potential matches for him (with the help of my trusted astrology advisor Nadia, of course). 

Here’s the deal: You’ll get to see his handsome face, but we won’t see the faces of the ladies, and the ladies won’t know what he looks like either. And not only will he be able to ask them fun questions, but– since you’ll be watching LIVE– you’ll have the opportunity to ask Abi and the ladies questions as well. 

And the twist…

YOU, the LIVE audience will decide WHO Abi should go on a virtual date with! That’s right, you’ll be casting your vote live, and they will have a romantic virtual date for Valentine’s Day!

About Abi:

  • Ohio raised, SF Bay Area living
  • 29 y.o., Artificial Intelligence Developer
  • Deeply spiritual person
  • Driven to solve big challenges in healthcare and climate change
  • Plant-based for 5 years

Likes: Wine, basketball, music, football, plants, soccer, shoes, yoga, ice cream

Quote: “Abishek is a man of true distinction. The heart of a poet, the grace of an athlete, the mind of a scholar. He approaches everything with passion, curiosity, and joy. His sense of humor is unparalleled, he laughs often – even at his own expense. Selfless and uncompromising in his commitment to making the world just a little bit brighter. When he speaks to you, you’ll feel as if you’re the only person in the world that matters.”

Who he’s looking for:

  • A plant-based, independent, and career-driven woman (between the ages of 21-35ish) with a big heart and an infinite capacity to love (you don’t have to live on the West Coast, but must not be tied down to living in your city forever)
  • An intellectually curious person always looking to improve herself and the world around her
  • Someone interested in having deep conversations ranging from philosophy and politics to fashion and Schitt’s Creek
  • An aspiring wife & mother willing to eschew traditional gender roles in favor of a more progressive approach
  • A physically active individual always looking for new challenges and adventures

If you want to be part of the show and be considered as a potential match for Abi, all you need to do is fill out a profile to get in my Veg Love Vault!  After you submit your profile, please send me an email ( to be sure it gets on my radar right away. Can’t wait!

About Vegan Cupid

Karine aka Vegan Cupid is a vegan matchmaker and dating coach who works with committed veg singles who are ready to go ALL-in, fall in love with themselves, and get the relationship of their dreams– without the dating apps. She does this by leveraging her network of 40k+ singles across North America, and by teaching unconventional ways to create a true, lasting connection.  Watch her free class to gain valuable insight and clarity that will help you on your journey to finding the veg love your heart has been yearning for.


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