Unlimited magic, limited spaces: Astrology & Dating Workshop – Oct 21st

We love creating magic together, and even if you don’t believe in all the woo-woo things, the insights you will gain from this workshop are off the astrological charts.

If you missed the live video we did together on facebook, you can catch the video here.

The Astrology & Dating Workshop is Wednesday October 21st.

  • Come learn more about the Cards of Destiny (an ancient scientific system that reveals characteristic traits based on your birth date and allows you to read an individual personality quickly and super accurately).
  • Everyone will get a personal introduction about their card and how it relates to you and your love life.
  • No more guessing how energy between you and the person you’re interested in will show-up for each other by just reading a short bio.
  • You’ll leave having more insight, more information and more dating tools for future success.
  • This is going to be a super intimate event, limited to 20 people! When you sign-up, please email us your date of birth: cardsandastrology@gmail.com

You’ll also get the opportunity to connect with other veg singles and bond over your love of astrology.

About Nadia:

“I’m Nadia Shelski, and I have  a career past of a whole bunch of Human Resources recruiting positions, including working for places like Harvard and Gillete. These experiences helped guide me to personality matching because different people fit well in different job positions! Blended in my roots is my Swiss mother from Zurich and my Jewish-American Californian father making my family pool a whole lot of eccentrics. The men in my family loved strong willed-women and I was always trying to unlock the code as to why that was. I’m definitely an extroverted vegan personality and love digging into the scientific explanation of how and why personal astrology can identify personality traits, leading me to an extensive 5 year quest to learn the Cards of Destiny.”

Hope you can join us for a very special evening!

Grab your ticket here

Abracadabra & sending you love,

Your Vegan Cupid, xo