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  • Karine has helped me rediscover that I am ready for and worthy of love. When I joined her program, I struggled with doubts about my suitability as a partner. As I engaged with the lessons and attended the group sessions, I let go of concerns that were baseless and focused on those that pointed to legitimate areas of growth.

    Working with Karine has helped me understand that dating does not have to be so dire.

    I am thrilled to continue working with Karine and I am confident I will find love.

    male, 33, California, Software Developer

  • The community with other clients in the program and having a veg community to share life with as we go through out single pursuits has been really amazing! I have discovered useful material regarding dating and emotional health, the program in particular has turned me into some new ways of looking at several aspects of my life. I have discovered that the veg community is bigger than I had previously thought. Finally I have gained greater confidence that finding the right person to match with in my love life is not just a distant possibility but a very probable inevitability.

    female, 29, California, Engineer