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Katie & Ryan’s Story
They met at Veg Speed Date in Portland!
“We had both tried online dating with no success … Neither of us had tried speed dating before.”
– Katie
August 2018
Ryan and I met at the Portland Veg Speed Date in early February 2018. We had both tried online dating with no success, and wanted to meet somebody in person for a more ‘old fashioned’ type connection. I saw the Veg Speed Date event online while I was on vacation in Tucson, signed up, and attended the day after arriving back into Portland. Ryan saw the post on Reddit the night before the event, and figured he had nothing to lose. Neither of us had tried speed dating before.

At the event, I saw him at the back of the room and finally got to chat with him at our 2nd to last interview. We hit it off right away, and discovered we were the only two from Beaverton in the room, and happened to live a 7-minute drive from each other. We had our first official date at La Vida Veggie in Beaverton, and have seen each other
several times a week ever since. We love to hike, camp, kayak, bike, cook, garden, travel, and have started making things together (he is an engineer and I am a designer).

Thank you for making this magical meeting possible! We fit so well together and are very happy!

Kelsey & Zack’s Story
They met at Veg Speed Date in Seattle!
August 2018
My friend persuaded me to go to a Veg Speed Date event in Seattle in February only 2 weeks after moving here. I wasn’t up for it after a recent break up, but figured I could meet some vegan people in my new hometown. Little did I know Zack would be there. He was second to last in the lineup, but I finally got my 5 minutes to chat with him. It was worth the wait! We went on our first date 3 days later and he has been showing me around Seattle ever since. I am so glad I showed up to this event and met the guy of my dreams! Thank you Find Veg Love!

Teale & Noah’s Story
They met at Veg Speed Date Portland!
“Teale and I hit it off right off the bat when we sat down. “
– Noah
“The conversation flowed easily and I could see right away we had a lot in common.”
– Teale
April 2018 – Noah’s Write-up
Teale and I hit it off right off the bat when we sat down. We immediately started talking about the things we were passionate, and compassionate, about in our lives. I knew I wanted to explore topics that mattered to me with Teale and soon after our meeting, I found that she wanted the same. Music to my ears! At first, we went on cafe dates when we found the time in our hectic schedules. Only a couple weeks passed before she had to move out of state, yet I was determined to keep in contact. I’m glad I did because we spent months making long phone conversations where we got to know each other and what we wanted from our lives. We found ourselves in a long distance relationship and made the best of it by vacationing together at convenient times and places. After many months, Teale moved back to Portland and we attached at the hip as soon as she arrived. We’ve been pursuing all the best things life has to offer together ever since!
April 2018 – Teale’s Write-up
Part One

I went into Veg Speed Date with no expectations. I just wanted to have fun, meet people, and get out of my introvert comfort zone. For the event I put on a tight dress and heels – ready to slay. Noah immediately caught my eye. I do have a thing for guys with long hair. When it came time for our “date” it was his upbeat attitude that really charmed me. The conversation flowed easily and I could see right away we had a lot in common. I talked about my grad school aspirations and the work I wanted to do in food justice. He recommended a related book. He was enthusiastic, science-y and super sweet. It even turned out we’re both interested in cob natural building. The 5 minutes went way too quickly. We were an obvious match and he emailed me the next day.

Truth be told, I was a bit distracted. I had multiple matches and was looking forward to getting to know new people. Also, I had woken up the morning after Veg Speed Date and spontaneously decided to move to a remote island in Washington. It’s not as weird as it sounds – my job in Portland felt like a dead end, I have family on the island, and I needed some mental space to study for the GRE. I figured Noah and I could still be friends though. I replied to his email with the news that I was moving. Fortunately he was still interested in being friends as well and we started hanging out regularly. I really enjoyed his company. A few weeks later I had my car packed and was ready to leave my Portland life behind. The day before I left is when it finally dawned on me – I have feelings for Noah. Like, real feelings. I enjoyed our friendship and had at first told him I wasn’t ready for anything more than that. As we were parting I opened up and asked him if he’d be interested in trying to date long distance. I think he was pretty stoked. He wanted me to do what I needed to do, which at that time was get out of Portland. I was uncertain if long distance would work, but I knew I couldn’t just let him go. I wanted to try.

Part Two

Even though it was hard to leave, I knew I was making the right move. I had personal goals and things I needed to work out within myself. Originally I thought I would live on the island for a year. That estimate quickly shortened to 6 months. And ultimately I was there for just 2. Noah was fully supportive the whole time and the distance didn’t keep us from starting a wonderful relationship. We talked on the phone daily, streamed movies together, and got to see each other every few weeks for fun dates. I stand by my claims that I did not move back just because of him. I’m an independent woman! I just realized very quickly that island life was not for me.

Meanwhile, some very exciting things were happening in Noah’s life as well. He was buying his first house! When I got back to Portland he was in the thick of the paperwork. I was very much aware of how young our relationship still was so I tried to keep a calculated distance from the home buying process. I was out of my mind excited though. The purchase went smoothly and soon I was helping him move. We started day-dreaming together about projects we could do in the garden and around the house and went for walks around the new neighborhood. When I came back to Portland I’d found my own apartment. But I really only felt at home with Noah. I spent more and more time at the new house and pretty soon we decided I should officially move in.

Part Three

During our first few months all the changing circumstances were stressful. But Noah had my back the whole time. So, even when life frustrations got the best of me and I was a bit grumpy he was open and communicative. The experience of growing together through adversity, choosing to focus on having fun, and sharing new experiences are some of the things I appreciate most about being with Noah.

I was not expecting to meet someone I connect with so deeply. I just opened myself up to new possibilities and to my surprise, found Noah. He’s someone I can rely on for encouragement, have philosophical conversations with, or just cuddle up on the couch with watching Netflix. I want to be cliche and say I have no idea how I got so lucky. But, I’m also a realist. Meeting someone special does involve a certain amount of chance. But it’s equally important to set up the right circumstances and be in the right head space. I would definitely recommend Veg Speed Date to anyone who is ready to get out there and make connections.

Ashley & David’s Story
2015 Update
David and I met at the Veg Speed Date event back in December. We have seen each other pretty much every week since then, we are a great fit, and we have been having an amazing time together. We’ve hiked to the heights of Mt. Diablo, Tam, and San Bruno, traveled the length of Highway One to Big Sur, and Bikram Yogi’d together pretty much every week (not to mention eaten the most amazing and fun vegan foods). Thanks for creating such great opportunities to connect with like-minded people.

2016 Update
Ashley and I are still together, and we’re so happy! We are living together now, and our relationship is unbelievably amazing. I am so grateful to have her in my life and grateful that your Veg Speed Date event gave us the opportunity to meet. The event at Pause Wine Bar where we met was actually two years ago tomorrow. We are planning to celebrate. 🙂

2017 Update

End of update.

But seriously. We’re getting married! Let’s start from the beginning…

David and I each entered into our relationship with the intention of keeping things casual. Furthermore neither one of us felt aligned with the institution of marriage, nor ever envisioned ourselves getting married. As our love for each other grew and blossomed, we realized we feel an unprecedented love for each other that is undeniable. We knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together, but that didn’t necessarily mean getting hitched. However, David began to bring up the topic of marriage in exploratory kinds of ways over a period of months (mostly when we’d had a few brewskis 🙂 ). We went up to the mountains to Nevada City for a weekend (during their Vegan Festival which we just happened to stumble upon!!!) and went on a 9 mile hike. During this hike, we had the talk!

By the end of the hike and weekend, we had decided to get married. We had discussed at length what marriage meant to each of us, what it would mean for us as a couple, pros and cons, family input etc. We are very nontraditional in a myriad of ways and only felt comfortable moving forward if we were sure it would be true to us. We decided to do it, but only if we redefined the wedding and marriage to fit ourselves and our relationship. Ultimately the decision came because we love each other with passion that goes deeper than any ocean in the universe and we wanted to ensure that everyone around us and society in general acknowledge this love and commitment.

Liz & Travis’ Story
2016 Update
In July 2011, I attended Veg Speed Date out of curiosity. To take a chance. I didn’t expect that evening to set in motion the remarkable five years that followed. Exactly halfway through the event I sat down in front of Liz. After a couple minutes the conversation flowed. We haven’t shut up since. A marriage, a house, and a daughter later we’re still talking, loving, and eating vegan. Sometimes, such as after the first day of preschool or even crawling into bed after a long day, we look at each other and one of us says “veg speed date”. We wouldn’t have any of “us” without that event. It was worth it to take a chance.