Get Matched – Get in the Veg Love Vault (aka database) for FREE

Why join my database?

  • I am a Vegan Matchmaker & Vegan Dating Expert and I use my database to find amazing potential matches for my clients.
  • Get access to my insights as your Vegan Cupid via my Cupid Class and dating advice.
  • Details about my upcoming online matchmaking events, live videos, and more.
  • Open only to residents of USA / Canada

This database is not:

  • A dating website where people can search for you.
  • Yet another dating app where anyone else can access your information.
  • An application to be my client, nor does this make you one of my clients.
    • It is just the potential that you are the match for one of my clients.
    • My clients are veg singles who are committed to finding veg love and hire me to help them.