Premium Matchmaking -

The Vegan Cupid Servicing in USA & Canada

This service is only available for a handful of super highly dedicated veg singles who have completed my 10 week Find Veg Love program.

Why is that you might wonder?

I am a matchmaker, but I am more committed to helping you find lasting veg love.

And what I’ve found with my clients is this… matching to one person or a series of people isn’t as effective as going through my 10 week program FIRST.

And I strongly believe that in order to find that kind of love, we all need to do the deep inner work first. You need to truly love yourself, be super confident and open minded, and be in the right headspace.

I don’t match people based on “types”, in fact I don’t even show pictures!

I work with my clients deeply and get to know them REALLY well before I match them. My clients trust me fully – and I trust them – because that’s how lasting love starts… trust.

And, I’ll tell you a secret. So often when people hire me to be their matchmaker, they end up finding love ON THEIR OWN I through the 10 week program. So that’s where I start with everyone – because I want to give you the opportunity to achieve that as well without paying me more money.

If after the 10 week program, you still want help finding love, we can talk about you becoming a premium matchmaking client.

So, are you all-in on finding love? Let’s chat. Book that call.

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