Find Veg Love Program -

10 Week Program Designed for Veg Singles

Are you ready for love?

It’s simple to find veg love if you know where to start. And this program is all about giving you the right framework, tools, support, and guidance to find your perfect match.

When you tell yourself you are worthy of love, and you are ready to take action on your love life, you SHOW UP.

Throughout this program, I help you:

  •  Date better with my comprehensive Veg Love Dating Guide that will prepare you to connect with the people you choose, at a moment’s notice. (Scripts for everything from friend requests, to social media bios, to first calls… and more!)
  •  Answer all of your questions in our group sessions: from what to talk about on a video or in-person date, to how to find your perfect person, and how to set boundaries on a first date.
  •  Be more confident, prepared and ready to see the opportunity of love that is right in front of you and approach the people who you may have overlooked.
  •  Have opportunities that you won’t have on your own: Featured profiles & videos in the Find Veg Love community, matching (with my help) through Zoom mixers, personal advice on how you’re presenting yourself on social media.
  •  Unblock your love life by discovering exactly what is holding you back personally, and bringing your guard down while keeping your standards high.
  •  Be more optimistic about the possibilities to find love, and teach you how to think outside of your “type”.
  •  Be accountable for taking care of yourself first, and not disappearing during discomfort. (We work through these vulnerable questions all the time in our group calls!)
  • Put yourself out there more and embrace your brave self, even when rejection happens.
  •  Have a completely CUSTOMIZED PLAN to find your veg love, the one who is TOTALLY worth it, not just someone you “settle for”.

Here’s a teaser of what you’ll experience throughout the next 10 weeks:

Program Overview:

  • Week 1 – Letting Go
  • Week 2 – Law of Attraction
  • Week 3 – Happiness Action Plan
  • Week 4 – Loving Yourself
  • Week 5 – Unblock Your Love Life
  • Week 6 – Compatibility & Love Languages
  • Week 7 – The Dating Game
  • Week 8 – Essential Communication Skills
  • Week 9 – Video Dating 101
  • Week 10 – Customized plan to help you find veg love
  • Bonus – Astrology & Dating

I believe in deep support.

Our weekly group coaching sessions and private Facebook group are a mix of information, exercises and support through deep exploration and answers of your questions. This program has mindset help, but strong strategies to get you off the dating sites, once and for all.

Also, you’ll be part of my private veg community, where everyone is looking for love sharing in your experience as you go through the program. Sharing your progress, inspiring one another, motivating each other through the tough times and peer support are key components to your success.

Take action to have the love life you long for… and feel supported here.

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What my clients are saying about my program:

  • The community with other clients in the program and having a veg community to share life with as we go through out single pursuits has been really amazing! I have discovered useful material regarding dating and emotional health, the program in particular has turned me into some new ways of looking at several aspects of my life. I have discovered that the veg community is bigger than I had previously thought. Finally I have gained greater confidence that finding the right person to match with in my love life is not just a distant possibility but a very probable inevitability.

    male, 29, California, Engineer,

  • The last straw I used another matchmaking service was when they matched me with someone who openly mocked me for being vegetarian within minutes of meeting me. I was ready to give up when I discovered Karine, her program, and her services. Since then, I’ve been truly impressed with the quality of people she has in her network. And you are surrounded by a supportive community of vegans and vegetarians to help you navigate the process. Two heads are better than one, and this investment in Karine is totally worth it if you need help finding a supportive veg partner.

    female, 39, California, Budget Director,

  • Karine isn’t just going to find interesting potential matches for you, but she’s going to help you through the process! I always feel I can count on her for feedback and help.

    Knowing that she’s got my back and my best interest is key. I’m so mellow but her zest for life and joy has made this process worthwhile!

    male, 37, Florida, Education Specialist,

  • Karine has helped me rediscover that I am ready for and worthy of love. When I joined her program, I struggled with doubts about my suitability as a partner. As I engaged with the lessons and attended the group sessions, I let go of concerns that were baseless and focused on those that pointed to legitimate areas of growth.

    Working with Karine has helped me understand that dating does not have to be so dire.

    I am thrilled to continue working with Karine and I am confident I will find love.

    male, 33, California, Software Developer,

Want continued support after the 10 weeks?

You can continue accessing the calls, participating in the facebook group, having your profile featured, etc on a monthly basis, must be invited into the “graduate” program for ongoing support. And, If you decide to take things even further, we can discuss you becoming a premium matchmaking client.

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