Watch 3TV’s segment on Veg Speed Date’s launch in Phoenix!

Watch 3TV News coverage of VegSpeedDate’s Valentine’s launch in Phoenix!

Here are a few interesting snippets:

Several people at the event said they had never tried speed dating before, but were drawn to the event in hopes of finding a like-minded match.

“It kind of would mean they already have the same morals and values as me in terms of compassion for all beings,” said a dater named Ashley who adheres to a vegan diet.

Even though the event was billed as a chance to “meet your veggie soulmate,” vegetarianism did not dominate the discussions, according to a dater named Susan.

“Interestingly enough, the last topic of conversation with these guys has been about vegetarianism,” she said. “Really just talking about where do you live, what do you do? What do like to do for fun? That’s been more of the focus than even the vegetarianism because we know it’s there.”

Watch the video here