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Let’s face it, the dating scene can be draining and downright discouraging, but I not only make vegan dating FUN, but I also make it EASY.

If you’re anything like a lot of my current clients who are ready for love, you’re sick and tired of wading through all the meat-eating profiles and half-interested people with who you just don’t vibe with.

So let’s get started today, and let the magic begin!

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Let me ask you...

What would you do to find the love of your life? 

Would you go all-in, 100% to find your compassionate partner?

Who vibes with you on your soul level, and on the surface?

The one who is open to love. And doesn’t just talk about partnership.

But is a partner…Who shares vulnerably, passionately, and intuitively.

Would you keep going on dates with carnivores who don’t respect your lifestyle, or wasting time dating people who are just into casual hookups only to find that you’re not attracting the one you seek? 

Or would you let go of the notion that you have to constantly swipe the dating app “meet” market and do something that REALLY WORKS?

Something that attracts your love...not something where you have to chase it

Are you ready for love? 

It's way more simple to find veg love if you know where to start. 

The right framework, tools, and support aren't about starting with an app to find your perfect match.

It starts with you.

And if YOU are ready….really ready to invest in yourself, then it’s time to try something new, and FUN!

How it works.

I created this package as a budget-friendly alternative to my 1:1 matchmaking services. The truth is that I actually use a lot of the same techniques as I do with my premium clients for a fraction of the cost.

Why am I doing this?

Because I'm a hopeless romantic and I want to bring love to as many people as I can - it's my passion and also why I've dedicated the last 10 years of my life doing this.

When you work with me, I take you under my cupid wings and give you all the love and support throughout your journey.

You are no longer alone, I'm there for you!

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I am the go-to person when it comes to Veg Dating. My network includes veg singles all over the USA & Canada.

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We will go over your bio and pics and I will give you advice on how to up-level your profile to increase your matches. I want to set-you up for success!

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When someone is interested in connecting with you I will review their profile and use my expertise and intuition to determine if they are a great match or not.

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  • Vegan Cupid will review your Google Form and give you feedback via email
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Phone session with Vegan Cupid to go over your bio and pictures.

  • 3 Email Features
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  • 8 Features on IG / FB Stories
  • Access to my guides: Ultimate Vegan Dating Guide & Video Dating 101
  • Bonus: access to my 5 day online course: Find A Match on Clubhouse (value of $197)

Optional add-on of $497 for "pick 6 crushes" - inquire for more details


Frequently Asked Questions

We've got A's for your Q's

Do you provide any guarantees?

This program is all about giving you unique opportunities to access my network of veg singles all over USA/Canada. It is a low-cost alternative to my 1:1 matchmaking services (which start at $15K).  Also, I'm a matchmaker, not a magician!

What does "pick 6 crushes" mean?

If you see someone in my FVL FB Group, in one of my Clubhouse rooms, or anywhere else, you send me a link to their profile, and I'll reach out to them on your behalf. I will ask them to fill out a profile in my Veg Love Vault, and if it's a good fit, I'll see if they are interested in connecting with you!

How do I know it's right for me?

This package is best suited for those who are emotionally stable, happy, confident and want help accessing a new pool of singles. If you are working through mindset issues, my Get Ready For Love might be a better option for you.

Why wouldn't I just reach out to my crushes myself?

You totally can! But this is your opportunity to have Vegan Cupid assess whether or not this person IS a great fit for you, and it kinda makes you look more "legit". Think of me as your wing woman.

Do I need to show my face in the features?

No you don't! If you prefer to remain anonymous we can use a nickname and an illustration instead of an actual photo.

What if I'm not on social media?

You don't need to be on social media or be active. I take care of everything.  

What are Zoom Hangouts?

Back in 2020 I started hosting zoom hangouts aka social mixers for veg singles. They were super fun and popular! I have decided to re-introduce them. Click here to view the full line-up

How does the email feature work?

Every month I send an email to my list called "Monthly Featured Veg Singles". It includes a picture and a bio. If someone sees that email and they are interested in connecting with you, they get in touch with me, and I work my magic (with the help of my amazing database that actually gives me the % of the match) and I assess if they are a great fit for you or not.  

How does that matchmaking component work for the zoom hangouts?

You attend the event and if you see anyone that you like, you tell me. I'll work my magic and tell you if they would make a great match for you. If they would make a great match, I'll reach out and see if there is a mutual desire to connect.

Do you offer customized packages?

YES! I work with all budgets and can customize a package just for you. Give me your budget and I'll put something together (starting at $500)  

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes I do offer a payment plan for the full package, 50% deposit at the start, and the remaining balance 30 days later. There is an additional processing fee of $99.

A Note from Vegan Cupid

How it all started

I’m Vegan Cupid, and I’ve been helping veg singles find love for almost 10 years.

I have hosted matchmaking events in over 100 cities and have a network of 30K+ veg singles across North America – the biggest in the world.

I created this package as an alternative to the dating apps, a fun and unique way to meet and connect with other veg singles.

Don't give up, I'm there for you and I can help you!

Sending you love, xo

Karine Charbonneau

Vegan Matchmaker & Vegan Dating Expert.

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Love is ALL about taking chances, putting your heart on the line, and trying NEW things. This is a super fun and unique way to access a huge network of veg singles across USA/Canada. I'm excited to be on your journey with you! And yes, this is WAY better than finding matches on a dating app.