Member Spotlight – March Edition

Are you READY to find the veg partner of your dreams?

Vegan dating doesn’t have to feel like searching for a mythical needle in a haystack when you’re working with me (a vegan matchmaker and vegan dating expert).

Vegan Dating is totally my thing and I’ve been helping vegan singles find love for over 10 years now!

Let’s face it, the dating scene can be draining and down-right discouraging, but I not only make vegan dating FUN, I make it EASY with my Find Your Match program

Every month I’ll be featuring eligible veg bachelors and bachelorettes in hopes that you can help me play Vegan Cupid for them– and who knows? Maybe you’ll find your OWN best match!

If you know someone who might be a great catch for one of my clients (or you think it’s YOU), have them fill out a free profile in my Veg Love Vault for an introduction.

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