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Meet Karine, aka The Vegan Cupid

Karine Charbonneau
Vegan Cupid | Matchmaker | Coach

I love people. I love animals. And I love, love.

Too often I see my fellow veg community looking for partners. who share their love of animals, only to feel like love isn’t accessible to them because they are “too picky.” They are guilted by family and friends and shamed for having standards. And, they feel like searching for the right one is like trying to find that mythical needle in a haystack.

So, I started matchmaking to help veg singles across the USA and Canada find their animal-loving soulmates. And while many of my clients have found great matches, my biggest success comes from working with them to help them love themselves first so they can confidently find and keep lasting partnership.

I am a relationship builder and people connector…and have hosted matchmaking events in over 100 cities, connecting 20K+ veg singles both in-person and online! Are you in search of something rare? I promise you, it’s not mythical.

Are you ready? Book a call with me.

Sending you love…Karine

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