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Meet Karine, aka The Vegan Cupid

I’m Karine Charbonneau aka Vegan Cupid, CEO of Find Veg Love. I’ve been vegan for 15 years. I am a relationship builder and people connector. And I’m super passionate about bringing veg singles together.

Based in Ottawa, Ontario, I previously spent 8 years hosting Veg Speed Dating events for vegans and vegetarians all over North America. I’ve hosted over 100 cities and connected 5000+ people! I was also an event producer with over a decade of experience planning vegan weddings, the famous San Francisco Vegan Iron Chef competitions, Berkeley Vegan Earth Day, and much more.

Now I’m the one and only Vegan Cupid–helping veg singles across the USA and Canada find their animal-loving soulmate.

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What you’ll learn:

Stop compromising your values to find your soulmate
Stop denying what you truly want
You’re not single for the reason you THINK you are
You’re wasting your time doing all the wrong things

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