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PREMIUM MATCHMAKING Services by: The Vegan Cupid

Exclusively for vegetarian/vegan singles in North America


As a veg single trying to find love, you’ve most likely experienced terrible dates.

The kind of date where the other person jokes about your life choices, asks you about your protein deficiency, and asks you a million annoying questions about it.

If you’ve had enough of those dates, and genuinely want to be in a relationship with someone who not only respects your values, but also shares them, let’s chat!

Premium Matchmaking Services

This service is only available for a handful of super highly dedicated veg singles who have completed my 10 week Find Veg Love program.


Why is that you might wonder?

I am a matchmaker, but I am more committed to helping you find lasting veg love. 

And what I’ve found with my clients is this…matching to one person or a series of people isn’t as effective as going through my 10 week program FIRST.

And I strongly believe that in order to find that kind of love, we all need to do the deep inner work first.  You need to truly love yourself, be super confident and open minded, and be in the right headspace

I don’t match people based on “types”, in fact I don’t even show pictures!

I work with my clients deeply and get to know them REALLY well before I match them. My clients trust me fully – and I trust them – because that’s how lasting love starts…trust.

And, I’ll tell you a secret. So often when people hire me to be their matchmaker, they end up finding love ON THEIR OWN I through the 10 week program. So that’s where I start with everyone – because  I want to give you the opportunity to achieve that as well without paying me more money. 

If after the 10 week program, you still want help finding love, we can talk about you becoming a premium matchmaking client.

So, are you all-in on finding love? Let’s chat. Book that call. 


What my clients are saying


I used another matchmaking service in the past, but I found their match to be sub-par. The last straw was when they matched me with someone who openly mocked me for being vegetarian within minutes of meeting me. I was ready to give up and try to find a veg partner on my own when I discovered Karine, her program, and her services. Since then, I’ve been truly impressed with the quality of people she has in her network. And, unlike other matchmaking services, you are surrounded by a supportive community of vegans and vegetarians to help you navigate the process. Two heads are better than one, and this investment in Karine is totally worth it if you need help finding a supportive veg partner”[female, 39, California, Budget Director]

The community with other clients in the program and having a veg community to share life with as we go through out single pursuits has been really amazing! I have discovered useful material regarding dating and emotional health, the program in particular has turned me into some new ways of looking at several aspects of my life. I have discovered that the veg community is bigger than I had previously thought. Finally I have gained greater confidence that finding the right person to match with in my love life is not just a distant possibility but a very probable inevitability.” [male, 29, California, Engineer]

“Karine has helped me rediscover that I am ready for and worthy of love. When I joined her program, I struggled with doubts about my suitability as a partner. As I engaged with the lessons and attended the group sessions, I let go of concerns that were baseless and focused on those that pointed to legitimate areas of growth.

Working with Karine has helped me understand that dating does not have to be so dire. There are plenty of potential partners for me, once I open myself to looking in new spaces and understand my value as a partner. I am thrilled to continue working with Karine and I am confident I will find love.” [male, 33, California, Software Developer]

About Karine

Vegan Cupid | Matchmaker | Coach

I love people. I love animals. And I love, love.

Too often I see my fellow veg community looking for partners. who share their love of animals, only to feel like love isn’t accessible to them because they are “too picky.” They are guilted by family and friends and shamed for having standards. And, they feel like searching for the right one is like trying to find that mythical needle in a haystack.

So, I started matchmaking to help veg singles across the USA and Canada find their animal-loving soulmates. And while many of my clients have found great matches, my biggest success comes from working with them to help them love themselves first so they can confidently find and keep lasting partnership. 

I am a relationship builder and people connector…and have hosted matchmaking events in over 100 cities, connecting 20K+ veg singles both in-person and online! Are you in search of something rare? I promise you, it’s not mythical.

Are you ready? Book a call with me.

Sending you love…Karine


Karine is the best! After nearly two decades of dating and being frustrated at how hard it was to meet veg men, I was thrilled when I came across Karine’s matchmaking services. She listens well to understand my needs, and every match she has found for me is a good human being who shares my values and interests. I wish I had found Karine sooner – it would have saved me so much time and stress!”
“I believe that it is always easy to meet women but sometimes one needs help meeting the right woman, especially ones that are vegetarian. Over the years I have gotten to know Karine and I really respect those who follow their dreams and in doing so, help others. Karine works so hard and selflessly to bring souls together ; something that no one can put a price on. I contacted Karine to help me because of who she is, what she stands for and how much she cares. She listens, works hard, is easy going, playful, non-judgmental and has introduced me to amazing women that I would not meet otherwise.”
Karine and I spent a long time on video chat going over what I thought I would want in a partner. She asked questions and gave me scenarios to really get a solid idea of who I am so she she could find someone who compliments me. She has been supportive and checks in frequently to see how things are going both with matches and in my life. I’m so glad I made this investment in myself and she’s shown nothing but respect and insight. Thanks, Karine!!”
Thanks so much for creating Find Veg Love – as someone who’s had terrible experiences on dating apps and is pretty shy, having a space where I can put myself out there with clear intentions is really freeing. I really appreciate it!”