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NEW Veg matchmaking services
available across usa & canada

Online dating not your thing? Busy professional and don’t have much time to go out and meet new people? Want to meet an awesome veg partner? Karine can help you! Whether you want to be a client, or to be considered as a potential match for one of my clients, get in touch with me.

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about my matchmaking services

Become a client: I am super passionate and committed to helping you Find Veg Love. I will take the time to get to know you and what you’re looking for, and provide you with highly personalized matchmaking services.  I will also give you tips and pointers before your dates through my coaching services, and will do a post-date recap to find out what worked and what didn’t. My package also includes unlimited access to any Veg Speed Date event of your choice as well as special perks from my venue partners. If you want help planning a special date I can also help with that.

Become a member for FREE: If you aren’t interested in being a client at this time, but would like to be considered as a potential match for one of my existing clients, please fill out the form on the side and I will be in touch when I have someone who you might be a good match for.

Karine is the best! After nearly two decades of dating and being frustrated at how hard it was to meet veg men, I was thrilled when I came across Karine’s matchmaking services. She listens well to understand my needs, and every match she has found for me is a good human being who shares my values and interests. I wish I had found Karine sooner – it would have saved me so much time and stress!”
“I believe that it is always easy to meet women but sometimes one needs help meeting the right woman, especially ones that are vegetarian. Over the years I have gotten to know Karine and I really respect those who follow their dreams and in doing so, help others. Karine works so hard and selflessly to bring souls together ; something that no one can put a price on. I contacted Karine to help me because of who she is, what she stands for and how much she cares. She listens, works hard, is easy going, playful, non-judgmental and has introduced me to amazing women that I would not meet otherwise.”
Karine and I spent a long time on video chat going over what I thought I would want in a partner. She asked questions and gave me scenarios to really get a solid idea of who I am so she she could find someone who compliments me. She has been supportive and checks in frequently to see how things are going both with matches and in my life. I’m so glad I made this investment in myself and she’s shown nothing but respect and insight. Thanks, Karine!!”
Thanks so much for creating Find Veg Love – as someone who’s had terrible experiences on dating apps and is pretty shy, having a space where I can put myself out there with clear intentions is really freeing. I really appreciate it!”
Karine, thank you SO much for the work you do on this. It’s desperately needed: it’s really important to me to be with someone that shares my values, but hard to find. Pretty much a deal breaker if there’s meat on the table, so your service is helping smash through that barrier in my life. I have done almost nothing with online dating thus far as it just feels like a lot of time wasted. Find Veg Love ROCKS!”

Meet Karine

I’ve been vegan for 13 years. I am a relationship builder, connector of people, and I am super passionate about bringing veg singles together.  I love working with my clients and going through the journey with them, while having fun at the same time! In my spare time I enjoy spending time outdoors, working out, cooking, and cuddling with my adopted dog Tashi.  I was born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario and I lived in the SF Bay Area for 8 years.

My ideal client is:
Emotionally stable and in a good head space
Doesn’t have a million check boxes that a partner needs to fill
No unrealistic expectations
Committed to finding veg love and willing to invest
Here’s what I will do:
Get to know you very well without any judgement
Always be positive and optimistic
Be dedicated to helping you
Set-you up for success
Give you results

If you’re ready to find that special someone, email [email protected] for more info. Or fill out the form below. 

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Please note that if you are applying to be a member, you will only hear from me if you are a good potential match for my clients.