Why you should hire a matchmaker

Let’s face it. Dating in 2019 has become a full-time job. Times have changed, and the odds of you meeting your ideal partner at a coffee shop or at a bookstore, or even through mutual friends, are not as high as they used to.

With technology, dating apps, and a new culture in which “ghosting”, swiping, and “going with the flow” seems to be the norm, dating seems like such a waste of time and energy when you are intentional and serious about finding THE one.

Now, lets talk about vegan dating for a minute. If you are a vegan or a vegetarian, it gets even MORE complicated. Not only do you want to find someone you like (and likes you back), are attracted to, and are compatible with, but you also want to be with someone who respects your lifestyle and supports you.

Because remember: just because they are vegan, doesn’t mean they are good for you!

More and more people are hiring a matchmaker to turn this “dating nightmare” into a more positive, restful experience…and it’s working!

For all of you looking to find a vegan guy or a vegan girl, your best option is to work with the Vegan Cupid herself: Karine! She provides busy veg singles highly personalized matchmaking services so they can sit back and let her do all the work instead of wasting valuable time swiping for hours.

Here are 4 reasons of why you should hire a matchmaker:

#1 Save time : a professional matchmaker will take care of everything for you. They will look for potential matches that fit your criteria, your preferences (such as a vegan or vegetarian partner), and your personality. They take the time to analyze the best fit for you, and find serious matches for you, instead of you spending precious hours on dating sites, veg dating apps, and dates with people who don’t match their descriptions.

#2 Protect your privacy: instead of having millions of people see your online profile, including your ex-partners and friends, you can have the luxury of protecting your personal life with a matchmaker. This will save you the awkward conversation of telling your co-workers, friends and relatives what you are doing on Tinder and Bumble.

#3 Find more specific matches: this process goes above and beyond zodiac signs, hobbies, and where they live. With the help of a matchmaker, you can look at more precise factors of compatibility such as life goals, personality, desire to have children, get married, relocate, etc. A vegan matchmaker will work relentlessly to make sure the person is not only veg, but also someone you would seriously consider dating.

#4 Emotional support: going on several dates, putting yourself out there, and going through all the ups and downs of seduction, deception, and rejection, can become very draining, emotionally speaking. Ultimately, it can even affect your confidence and self-esteem. The emotional support you get from matchmaking coaching services can make a world of difference. Intrigued? Book a session with our vegan love coach!

Now, we’ve covered the top reasons why vegan matchmaking is the ultimate dating experience. If you’d like more information, check it this quick 5 minute video!

And, in the meanwhile, you can sign up for our free database to be potentially introduced to our veg matchmaking clients. No need to sign up for yet another vegan dating app! 

You deserve to find a partner who respects your food choices and wants something serious with you. Let a vegan matchmaker take care of you and help you find that special person to do veg life with, and get off those websites and applications once and for all. Your time is precious, and so is your love life! <3

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