How to make summer last all year long

What is there not to love about summer? The warm weather, beach days with your loved ones, weekend getaways, evening walks, stargazing, the endless outdoor activities, your favorite summer recipes, vegan ice cream (yum!), grilled veggies on the BBQ, outdoor festivals, live concerts, the cool breeze after a beautiful sunny day…

I could go on and on about what makes this season so special. But what I love most, is observing how empowered and happy summer makes people feel!

Have you noticed that, when it comes to dating, summer gives you a boost of energy? There seems to be more playfulness, more freedom, more outgoing, more romantic creativity, and a strong willingness to put yourself out there and take chances. No wonder the Beach Boys’ hit song “Summer Love” was so popular and catchy.

Generally speaking, summer is a period of the year that people associate with happiness, fun, and adventure, and even the busiest of people feel the urge to slow down a little, and take the time to smell the roses.

It’s also a time in which you may feel much more confident and daring, which is pretty helpful when you are a veg single ready to mingle, right?

Now, I know we’re in August, and the days are getting shorter. But here’s the good news: summer is a state of mind. You can experience the same confidence, playfulness, and desire to connect, no matter what month we are in.

Here’s a simple way to bring the “summer sun” with you all year long:

Tip #1: Gratitude list

Make a gratitude list and keep adding to it daily. This is a great way to feel good no matter where you are, no matter the season.

Tip #2: Favorite summer activities

Make a list of all your favorite summer activities, and how they make you feel.

Tip #3: Recreate

Ask yourself how you can recreate those same feelings, while adapting the activity. Ex.: Going to the beach makes me feel free. Another activity that makes me feel just as free is hiking. Therefore, I will make time to hike.

Tip #4: Practice self-care

Carve some time in your schedule for “self-care”: reading, working out, meditating, resting, etc. Because self-care should last all year long, not just on weekends and summer vacations. That is how you feed your self-esteem and confidence, which will inevitably enhance your dating experience

You see? Summer does not need to end, and neither does the excitement that comes with it. You can have an exceptional vegan dating experience whether you are wearing flip flops, or a winter coat. What matters is the energy and attitude you bring to the table. 

Remember that being confident and keeping an open mind increase your chances of manifesting the vegan relationship of your dreams. May you bring those happy summer vibes with you to the next speed dating event, and who knows…you may just attract exactly what you are looking for. 

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