5 Ways to Make the Best of Every 5 Minute Speed Date

By Tess Challis

Author of Food Love: Nourishing Yourself, Your Family, and the Planet

You’ve signed up for a Veg Speed Date event (yay!), and you know just what you’re going to wear and what you’re going to do with your hair. You’ve even navigated the route to the venue so you’ll be sure to arrive on time (or early), and maybe scheduled in a pedicure. But, have you done one of the most important things of all—learned how to make the best of every five minute speed date? Here are our top five tips to make the best of every speed date.

Going in with a game plan is like learning the notes before you improvise. Yes, you can still be spontaneous and have fun—but knowing how to maximize the potential of those five minutes will definitely increase your chances for making a great connection!

Here are five little ways you can make the most of your five minute mini-dates:

  1. Make eye contact. Honestly, nothing’s worse (well, OK some things are but we won’t go there now) than a first date who won’t look you in the eyes. Even if you’re shy, make an effort to create eye contact with each person. It’s a way of showing respect, as well as making a connection if there’s mutual interest.
  2. Ask fun, open-ended questions. Shy away from too many boring, cliché questions that they’ve heard a million times (unless, of course, they’re truly important to you—deal-breaker stuff). For example, don’t ask: “What’s your favorite color?” (Seriously, some people actually use their precious five minutes for stuff like that.)Instead, ask things like: “What’s your favorite thing to do on a Sunday morning?” or “What’s something you love about your best friend?” You could also ask something like “If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?” These are seemingly innocent, light questions—but they will tell you something about the way your date thinks, their lifestyle, and your compatibility levels.
  3. See them as a friend with potential. Don’t get too hung up on wondering “Is this person ‘the one?’” Rather, see them as an actual person, one with feelings and value, even if they’re not your soulmate. You may end up wanting to be friends with some of these people you’re meeting, even if you don’t date them. At the very least, it takes the pressure off of you both, and makes the whole evening more fun—and way less stressful.
  4. Change it up. Don’t ask everyone the same questions, and go with the flow. If someone mentions that they’re an artist, ask them about that. Take cues from each date and show genuine interest in them. You’ll learn a lot more by listening than talking.
  5. Is your mini-date out of your preferred age range? It happens. However, you can still make it a fun five minutes. Maybe you’ll learn something new or make a business connection. Be open, have fun, and again—see each person as a potential friend who might teach you something new or inspire you in some way.

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Tess Challis is a vegan chef, wellness coach, and five-time cookbook author and can be found on tesschallis.com. She’s a big fan of Veg Speed Date as well, and hopes to host an event soon!