Looking for love on your own?

I wanted to share something interesting that I’ve been noticing lately to see if you can relate to it.

I’ve had 2 men recently reach out to me because they were interested in hiring me as their matchmaker.  Both of them expressed really wanting to share life with a veg partner. For them being with someone vegan was a non-negotiable, like it is for many people for many different reasons. 

They talked about how awesome it would be to have a veg partner to cook amazing meals with, or go to their favorite vegan restaurant, and overall just be with someone who really understood them and didn’t make them feel weird about being vegan.

Both men have stressful and high-demanding careers and said they didn’t have a lot of spare time to go out and meet people and that this is probably why they are single.  They also both said that perhaps they hadn’t been “trying hard enough” to find someone.

At the end of the call, they both said that although they recognized how much value I was bringing to the table, they wanted to try finding a partner on their own.  

I never push or try to convince my clients to work with me, because I don’t have to.  

But what I tried to make them realize is that they told me themselves that they are REALLY BUSY and don’t have much spare time.  So how the heck are they going to find time to find an amazing veg woman on their own??

The reality is that these men are stuck in their patterns. And will likely keep repeating them over and over again, and they will probably still be single a couple of years from now.  A year from now I will most likely be hearing from them again, telling me they tried doing it on their own but they just never found the time. 

And they’ll say what so many of my clients say to me now “I wish I’d done this earlier.”

We all know that finding a vegan partner is like finding a needle in a haystack. But I’m REALLY good at not only finding someone who checks the vegan/veg box but also is compatible with you in so many other ways.:)  Online dating sucks, but that’s a whole different conversation, good luck finding a vegan at a bar, or just randomly walking down the street… lol. I believe in miracles, but I’m also realistic. 

Finding a partner on your own who you are really compatible with, share the same core values, have shared interests, AND is veg is very time consuming.  In order to really get to know someone you need to go on multiple dates. And what if you only find out on date #5 that you just aren’t compatible? 

You’ll have wasted time, energy, (which you can’t get back!) and money.  When you could have been spending your free time doing something you actually ENJOY doing.

My clients ONLY go on dates with people they ARE compatible with,who share common interests, values, etc.  People that I deem worthwhile exploring to see if there is a connection.

Most importantly I get to ask the important, sometimes difficult, questions when I am screening potential matches for my clients.  I actually take the time to interview potential matches via video and ask them really deep personal questions so I can get to know them, and see if they truly are a good match for my clients. And I have to tell you….my intuition is really spot on!

Don’t spend all your free time weeding out the bad apples, hoping to just run into your greatest veg love. 

Get help. Give yourself permission to trust the journey and process. Heck…give yourself permission to not “try harder.”

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