FREE Vegan Dating Resources by Vegan Cupid

FREE Vegan Dating Resources Offered by Vegan Cupid

I offer a variety of FREE Vegan Dating Resources to help vegan singles on their journey to finding love.

I know how frustrating dating as a vegan can be, but as a vegan matchmaker who’s been helping vegan singles find love (without a dating app) for over 10 years, I have you covered!

I encourage you to take advantage of my FREE options.

#1 Veg Love Vault (free for now – but I will start charging soon)

#2 Monthly Featured Veg Singles delivered to your inbox every month

#3 Vegan Dating Advice Blog

#4 Want to work with Vegan Cupid but have questions? Book a call!

#5 Find Veg Love Facebook Group (post your selfie and bio every Friday)

#6 Vegan Cupid’s Club on Clubhouse (weekly rooms resuming in September)

#7 Guide: Should You Only Date Vegans?

#8 Guide: The New Tinder

#9 Guide: 3 Reasons To Go On Video Dates

#10 Guide: Are You Too Picky?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on these resources. What resonated with you the most? Which is your favorite? Were you already taking advantage of some of these?

If you have any suggestions I’d also love to hear them

Have any questions? Get in touch with me, I love hearing from vegan singles. I’m there for you 😘

When you’re ready for more I have some fantastic options that will take your search for love to the next level!