First Date Tips

First Date Tips by Vegan Cupid from Find Veg Love

First dates can be really fun but they can also be totally awkward…especially for vegans who get grilled (pun intended) about their eating habits, protein intake, and iron levels.  But hopefully you’re skipping all that awkwardness and by going on a date with someone who respects and aligns with your food choices.  

So here are some tips to deal with normal first date awkwardness

What to wear

I always tell my clients to be themselves on a date.  If you never wear heels, don’t wear them on a first date! Not only will you have a hard time walking in them, but you just won’t be comfortable.  For men, if you’ve totally not the type of man who wears a tie, don’t wear one just for the sake of impressing your date. Make sure you feel like yourself and are comfortable. I also don’t recommend wearing a brand new outfit because you might end up realizing it doesn’t fit comfortably. The last thing you want to do is adjust yourself every 2 seconds.

Where to go on a date

First dates often take place at a restaurant, but I’m not a fan of going out for dinner on a first date for a few reasons.  Having to look at someone in the eyes will eating can sometimes be awkward, especially if you get food stuck in your teeth! But most importantly it’s harder to build chemistry with someone when you are sitting across from them.  I recommend planning a date that involves some sort of activity where you are having fun and keeping it casual. Try bowling, going to a museum, mini-golf, that kind of thing. 

What to say

The purpose of dating is to get to know someone, figure out if you’re compatible, and see what you have in common.  The best way to do that is to ask your date questions that will encourage positive conversations attached to a specific memory. For example: “what was your favorite meal growing up?” This allows your date to access and share their emotions which helps form a bond. It’s really important to show your date that you’re genuinely interested in getting to know them, questions like “tell me more” are also great! Compliments are nice, but can sometimes come off as “generic”.  So asking the right types of questions will make your date feel good about themselves and it will really set you apart from others. Whatever you do, don’t talk their ear off about yourself the whole night! 

Key tip: Be open-minded

Remember, first dates can be completely awkward for many reasons. Remember that the person might be really shy, or maybe they didn’t have a great date, or maybe they have some family drama going on.  Just because you don’t feel butterflies on the first date, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t right for you! Don’t let fairy tale notions of how love should feel get in the way. Go on a second date or third date before deciding if you want to pursue things with this person.  One date is not enough to have a complete sense of who the other person is. Don’t let snap judgments ruin something that could be amazing.

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Happy Valentine’s Day! <3

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