Can I buy a second ticket for a friend?

To ensure the matching process is set up correctly and that participants are informed about the event format and consent to our terms of service, we require that each participant purchase their own ticket.

Please do not purchase a ticket for a friend under your own name as ‘ticket holder’ and/or your own email address. Your friend won’t be set up properly in the online system and won’t be able to participate!

Please understand that our ticketing provider does not allow consecutive transactions from the same credit card for the same event. Anyone who wishes to buy two tickets to a particular event, for two different people, must do so via two separate orders, each with a different ticket holder name, email address, and credit card.

For example, please do not purchase both a men’s and women’s ticket for the same event under a single transaction.

If you’d like to invite your friend to the event, why not share the event page with them? We include social sharing links on all our event pages to help you do so. We will also soon be offering rewards for customers who refer friends.

If you have further questions about ordering tickets for friends or family members, please email us at [email protected] or call us toll-free at 1(844)VEG-DATE.