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Have you joined my FREE Veg Love Vault yet?

I use this Veg Love Vault of veg singles from across the US and Canada to:

Find amazing potential matches for my matchmaking clients

Find great people to take part in fun things like The Blind Love Experiment

Once you sign up, you’ll have access to my insights as your Vegan Cupid via my Cupid Class

You will also get all details about my upcoming online matchmaking events as well as my live videos

Ready to get started?

Step 1: Fill out the form & look for a confirmation email

Step 2: Sign-in to your profile to update your profile with more info (be sure to fill out with as much info as possible, including the “match preferences” tab)

Step 3: Hang tight and I’ll get in touch if I have a match for you, check your “promotions” tab in gmail to make sure you aren’t missing my emails

How it works

This is not:

A dating website where people can search for you

Yet another dating app where anyone else can access your information

An application to be my client, nor does this make you one of my clients

It is just the potential that you are the match for one of my clients

My clients are veg singles who are committed to finding veg love and hire me to help them. (Want to commit and see if you qualify to be a client? Book a call with me here 

Remember, once you join, complete or update your profile,

I’ll check it out and be in touch if you’re a great potential match for a client, or for an event I’m hosting!

Already in my database? Update your profile here!