💚 I’m unsure of how to actually meet veg singles.

💚 Love isn’t accessible to me because I’m “too picky” and I don’t want to compromise my values anymore just to find a partner.

💚 I Spend WAY too much time on dating apps and websites, swiping and feeling hopeless.

💚 I secretly hope for days where I can just take a break from “auditioning” to find my soulmate. Where are my cuddling and watching Netflix with my animal-loving soulmate days?

💚 I sometimes feel utterly hopeless that I’ll never be able to find a veg partner that totally gets me.


💚 I wasn’t single for the reasons I THOUGHT I was.

💚 It was time to stop wasting my time doing all the wrong things – and now I know what to do to be a partner, and find my partner. (So many of my clients are now in happy relationships!) 

💚 I attract my partner through self-love first, and have found my partner FASTER because of it.  The more I love and heal myself, the BETTER my results. 

💚 I gave myself PERMISSION to find my soulmate. (…this is SUCH a big mindset shift that many singles have trouble making the leap and stay stuck in their patterns).

💚 And most importantly, I realized why matchmaking on its own doesn’t work and why I couldn’t sustain a quality long-term relationship… and now I can. (Side note, Karine here: I’m a matchmaker and it only works AFTER the work we do together!)

As a vegan myself and a veg matchmaker, I’m fully immersed in the culture and truly get what vegan singles are struggling with…

And the great news is, I’ve been able to help so many of them find the love they’re looking for when they’d almost given up hope.

What my Clients are Saying

  • After working with Karine for 7 weeks I have already noticed such great improvements in myself. The program has really helped me to let go of past relationships and issues. Primarily, it has taught me how to be happy with myself first so that I can be open to being happy with someone else. The program also provides great tools on how to approach the dating game and for improving one’s communication skills. The weekly calls with Karine and the other participants have been a true support system. Karine is very supportive of her clients and will go the extra mile to see them succeed.

    male, 49, Seattle, Software Developer

  • With my work, kids, friends, family, and hobbies going out frequently on dates that were incompatible was draining. I prefer to spend my energy on other things. Working with Karine has been easy and fun. I appreciate her positive attitude and calmness. I felt calmer knowing that I was taking a proactive step in finding a lifelong partner.

    female, 43, Florida, Pharmacist & Dean

  • I believe that it is easy to meet women, but sometimes one needs help meeting the right woman– especially ones that are veg. Over the years I have gotten to know Karine and I really respect those who follow their dreams and in doing so, help others. Karine works so hard to bring souls together; something that no one can put a price on. I hired Karine to help me because of who she is, what she stands for and how much she cares. She listens, works hard, is easy going, playful, non-judgmental and has connected me with amazing women that I would not meet otherwise.

    male, 38, California, Business Consultant

  • did not want to waste anymore of my time being single. I resolved my commitment to entertain new avenues and be realistic about what risks are necessary when trying to make radical changes in your life. Working with Karine has been enjoyable; I have learned quite a bit and I have been entertained along the way.

    female, 51, California, Engineer

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Founder of Find Veg Love and the Ready for Love Programs. 

I’m Vegan Cupid, and I’ve been helping veg singles find love for almost 10 years, have hosted matchmaking events in over 100 cities and have a network of 30K+ veg singles across North America – the biggest in the world.

I created this Cupid Class so you can get a taste of my work and see what’s possible, just like my clients have when they applied these transformational tactics.


Meeting an amazing mate doesn’t have to be hard. I can say this after hearing how others have survived endless blind set-ups from meddling aunts and how my clients were settling for a steak dinner with that less than perfect match. 

I wish I knew then what I know now… because it’s mind-blowing.


(p.s. I’m not spammy, and your info is 100% secure. I don’t sell lists, and my goal is to help.)

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