Single and Mingling Through the Holiday Season

Being single through the holiday season can feel lonely and frustrating. It’s the time of year we spend with those closest to us, and if you’re not currently in a relationship, the holiday season may draw attention to that absence. No matter which holiday you celebrate, the holiday season is a great time to be single…and to get into a relationship. Here are a few guidelines for how to navigate the holiday season as a single, and have fun doing it.

#1: Focus on the relationships you do have.

Refocus your discouragement over the absence of a romantic relationship onto appreciating the other close relationships you have in your life with friends and family. There are a million ways to connect with people, and romantically is just one of them. As the saying goes, what you appreciate appreciates. So take some time to be grateful for all of the relationships in your life. This will help fortify your mindset, and nurture your existing connections with those closest to you.

#2: Have a ready response to the “are you seeing anyone” question.

Ah the dreaded question that all singles hate during the holiday season: “are you dating anyone?” This question will inevitably spring up at family functions and holiday parties. So instead of avoiding Aunt Mildred and her line of interrogation once she’s had to much eggnog, I recommend having a response to this question already prepared so that you’ll know what to say in the moment. I suggest some variation on the following: “I’m not seeing someone right now, as I don’t currently know anyone I want to be in a relationship with. I am actively dating, and I’m having a great time getting to know different kinds of people. Another thing I’m really excited about is (insert fun project you’re working on, etc)”

#3: Say yes to invitations.

Incidentally, the holidays are one of the best times to meet other singles because it is the most social time of the year. From family gatherings, to holiday parties, to speed dating events, it is more important than ever this time of year to say yes to social invitations. You never know who you might meet under the mistletoe.

#4: Reflect on your resolutions and make agreements with yourself.

One of the most beautiful things about the holidays and the New Year is that it provides the space and time for us to look inward, reflect on what we accomplished in the last year, and take stock of our intentions moving forward. So take some time to set some intentions on how you’d like to improve your life, yourself, and your dating life. All the other singles will be doing the same. It’s no coincidence that dating apps see a meteoric rise in activity beginning in January. Take this time to set intentions and go put yourself out there in the new year!