Vegan Cupid is coming to LA!


Exclusive Veg Singles Mixer hosted by Karine aka Vegan Cupid

If you’re single, ready, and committed to find your animal-loving soulmate this event is for you!

Karine Charbonneau, aka the Vegan Cupid and CEO of Find Veg Love, is coming to LA and is hosting an exclusive mixer for vegetarian/vegan singles on Wednesday March 4th @7:30-9pm. 

Get your seat at this exclusive, intimate event where you’ll have a chance to meet other eager veg singles including Karine’s premium clientele. And at this 20-person maximum event, you’ll have the chance to sit down with the Vegan Cupid herself. 

RSVP as soon as possible to guarantee your seat, ticket sales will end on Friday, February 28th @5pm.

The event will take place in a private courtyard beside the Dream Hollywood Hotel.

Vegan Cupid is scouting for potential matches for her premium clients AND will be looking for contestants to be on The Vegan Cupid Show that will be filmed in LA later this year.

Tickets are $100 and include the following:

  • A complimentary beverage and vegan appetizers
  • Rare opportunity to meet Vegan Cupid in person
  • 5 minute sit down with Vegan Cupid 
  • Consideration as a potential match for her premium clients


To sign-up 

  1. Fill out a profile to get in my free database
  2. Email [email protected] and ask me for the secret link to register

I have a question for you…is 100 bucks too much money to fast-track finding your soulmate? 

I get it. If you’re looking at this event to just fill another night of singledom which you are pretty sure will continue for a long time…then you’re right. 

You’re probably better off having some beers/wine and appetizers with your buddies/girlfriends. Which BTW, will still probably set you back at least $50 🙂

But if you’re seriously committed and motivated to find a vegan partner and as interested in investing in THAT as you are in your friendships, then I am the woman who can help you.

But only if I know who you really are. 

Yes, if you’re in my database you’ll still be considered for matches. But your data only tells me so much…when I can truly FEEL your energy…that’s when I can work my true magic.

That’s when I can get to know who you are, see what makes you tick, and know for a fact that you will jive with one of my clients.

Because I do want to work my magic for you. 

I’m not throwing this event to make money. I’m actually barely covering my costs. 

I’m doing this because I’m super passionate about helping people find love. 

And if you’re ready for that, I want to see if you’re a potential match for one of my clients…the ones who are ready to do more than just play around. 

If you’re ready to find love sooner rather than later, then a face to face is the quickest way to fast track that.

I think you deserve love. But it will only happen if you believe you do.

Do you believe you can really have it? 

Let me know if you can make it ASAP, I’d love to meet you!