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Date Coaching
Ready to uplevel your love life?

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Need a little advice to rock your next Veg Speed Date event? Want to make the most of those cute matches you met? Not sure how to kick off that first date?


We’ve teamed up with Cora Boyd, a “no bullshit” veg dating coach who specializes in helping people make in person connections in the digital age. Cora has helped hundreds of clients find love as a coach and matchmaker. She’s here to help you make real and exciting connections, and have some fun along the way. With Cora’s insight and a ticket to Veg Speed Date, you’ll forget about swiping and start connecting.

What I love the most about Cora is how she truly listens and uses a woman’s perspective to up my game. I feel like I walk away from our talks with a lot more confidence and clarity than I had before, and I cannot recommend her enough.”
James, 29
Cora makes it very easy for me to open up and honestly share about my dating experiences, the good, the bad, the ugly, in a way that was affirming with no sense of judgement. Cora is excellent at listening and then distilling and crystallizing themes in a way that helped me to realize my priorities for dating, the issues that have been blockers, and potential paths forward and strategies and tactics for dealing with them. I’d recommend working with Cora, even if you’re a seasoned dater who “knows” what you’re looking for.
Spencer, 36
When I came to Cora I was feeling super discouraged about my love life: I hadn’t gone on a date in almost a year, and I just couldn’t seem to meet anyone I was interested in. Cora helped me find what I liked about myself, so I could look for it in others as well. She was patient with me, and that allowed me to be patient with myself. I could not recommend Cora more highly!
Frank, 32

Every coach has a different style. I use a hybrid of hands-on strategy, radical honesty, fun, and social psychology, to help my clients build confidence, differentiate between what’s real and what their fear is telling them is real, get off the couch, and harness their strengths to connect with people out in the real world.

My coaching philosophy is that if you do what you’ve always done, you will get what you’ve always gotten.

I challenge my clients to step out of their comfort zones and step into the best versions of themselves so that their future love interests have the opportunity to be attracted to them.

My dating coaching is not one size fits all. I help each of my clients create a customized toolbox that plays to their unique strengths, overcomes their particular obstacles, and sets them up for success to meet their particular goals.

Here’s what Cora won’t do:
Be mean to you
Tell you what you want to hear
Let you make excuses for yourself
Teach you how to manipulate people
Solve your problems for you
Here’s what Cora will do:
Be radically honest with you
Tell you what you need to hear
Call bullshit on your bullshit
Provide insight on how to connect with people
Empower you to solve your own problems

If you’re ready to uplevel your love life, email [email protected] to apply for a complimentary 30 minute call. Or fill out the form below.

Please note that scheduling is subject to Cora’s availability. We recommend contacting her early to avoid disappointment.