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Date Coaching
Need a little advice to rock your next Veg Speed Date event? Want to make the most of those cute matches you met? Not sure how to kick off that first date?
MEET virginia

Virginia Lauzon is a Certified NLP Coach who specializes in assisting those who would like to manifest more Joy in their lives and build meaningful, strong relationships. She has a unique ability in holding a safe space for her clients, and focuses on helping you develop your self-esteem, self-awareness, confidence, creativity, while teaching you healthy communication skills and impactful strategies to improve your dating life and mindset, while reducing stress altogether.

She just joined the Find Veg Love team as a Love Coach and is thrilled to help vegans and vegetarians build strong, loving relationships with themselves first, and with others, in a fun, empowering way.

Being vegan herself, she is personally invested in helping veg singles connect, have a positive dating experience, put themselves out there authentically and confidently, and find the veg love they want and deserve.

Virginia is attentive and compassionate. She is able to connect and provide unique advice and insight without judgment. Her presence is comforting and enriching. She is a very special soul!”
Each session brings a new “ah-ha moment” and I have actionable steps that I can take away from each session to implement. I am growing in each session, but I am growing more out of each session. Being open, vulnerable, and willing to do some digging has allowed me to learn more about myself in a short period of time than typically in a year. I am forever grateful for this journey and looking forward to continuing on with the help of Virginia.”
Virginia is the most attentive, calm and yet her personality delivers such great radiant vibes! And she provides you with the best and most importantly uncritical listening ear a person could ask for! Throughout the years of knowing Virginia and sharing important moments of my life with her, she has always provided me with the best advice and helped me stir myself in the right direction. Her advice is always delivered with such compassion and understanding. I am very lucky to have her in my life and help guide me into the person/professional I am today!”


My intention as a coach is to not only provide guidance, mentorship and inspire transformative actions, but to also act as a mirror for deep introspection which will allow you to connect to your core values, explore your limiting beliefs (and transcend them), create massive breakthroughs and develop the confidence and self-esteem necessary to own who you are while cultivating the most engaging, fulfilling and authentic relationships. Using a blend of NLP tools, emotional intelligence strategies and hypnosis, my mission is to help you discover your own purpose, and follow it unapologetically

Here’s what Virginia won’t do:
Judge you
Be mean to you
Boss you around
Do the work for you
make you feel inadequate
Here’s what Virginia will do:
Empower you to solve your own problems
Listen and hold space for you
Built your confidence and self-esteem
Guide and mentor you
Be your accountability coach


Ready to work with Virginia? Send her an e-mail at [email protected] to book a Discovery Session! Let’s get you started 😍

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Please note that scheduling is subject to Virginia’s availability. All payments must be made prior to your session.