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How to Find Your Vegan Love 101 – Part 5

Vegan Dating Life

Vegan dating and finding love with those who share your vegan and vegetarian lifestyle can be way easier than the dating apps make it out to be.

But have you considered that one of the first steps to take in partnership is starting with you?

Before you find the ultimate match, you have to be the love of your life.

To do that, I want to ask you: 

Have you taken the time to assess, heal and truly recognize who you are?

When I say “recognize who you are” I’m talking about knowing and fully believing that YOU ARE AWESOME, that you have a special and unique talent, and just because your last relationship didn’t work, or you haven’t gone on a date for a long time, or haven’t had any success on those dating apps – it doesn’t take away from your awesomeness!

You need to assess yourself regularly! And it is so important to take time to heal the things that bother you so you can see yourself as the awesome human you are.

I’m here to tell you that you ARE worthy of finding love and being loved, it all starts within you. 


When you have a lack of self love you end up attracting the WRONG person, and that’s not what you want. And you may know all of these things mentally, but unless you know them deeply and how to apply them, you’ll never really feel them or believe them.

When you are confident, empowered, strong, and happy, you’ll start attracting the right partner for you.

I have personally witnessed someone very close to me have one bad relationship after the other throughout her life, and I always knew it was because she had low self-esteem and didn’t love herself.  

Because if she did, how could she put up with the things she put up with? She was mentally and physically abused by her partners, and it was incredibly hard for me to watch.  

She is such a nice caring person, and deserves SO much better, but yet always attracts the wrong men.  And she knew that she was a good person, but that didn’t stop the behavior.

I’ve had numerous clients and close friends experience similar things, and it saddens me because I know it’s a lack of self-worth, low confidence, and unworthiness. 

If you don’t truly love yourself how can you expect a partner to love you? 

Love attracts love, negativity attracts negativity.

Loving yourself is extremely powerful and it will directly impact many situations in life on a personal and professional side.  

I get it. When you get burned by someone you care about, it sucks and it makes you question yourself.  

Until you have a framework that you can use so that you can TRUST deeply that there is someone for you, you’ll never find the person you seek.

You WILL find someone who will love and accept you for YOU, but in order to find that kind of love, you have to become the love of your life FIRST.

You are the magnet who attracts what you seek.

So, what are your next steps? 

If you’re ready for the deep support to shift your magnet to ON, I’m here


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FREE Vegan Dating Resources by Vegan Cupid

FREE Vegan Dating Resources Offered by Vegan Cupid

I offer a variety of FREE Vegan Dating Resources to help vegan singles on their journey to finding love.

I know how frustrating dating as a vegan can be, but as a vegan matchmaker who’s been helping vegan singles find love (without a dating app) for over 10 years, I have you covered!

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#7 Guide: Should You Only Date Vegans?

#8 Guide: The New Tinder

#9 Guide: 3 Reasons To Go On Video Dates

#10 Guide: Are You Too Picky?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on these resources. What resonated with you the most? Which is your favorite? Were you already taking advantage of some of these?

If you have any suggestions I’d also love to hear them

Have any questions? Get in touch with me, I love hearing from vegan singles. I’m there for you 😘

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How to Find Your Vegan Love 101 – Part 4

Vegan Dating – Are You Wasting Your Time? Be Honest!

Continuing my series on vegan dating and how to both be, and find, love with a vegan and vegetarian lifestyle.

Today, I want to talk about TIME WASTERS.

Have you ever caught yourself mindlessly swiping left and right on yet another app, going on dates with people who don’t respect your lifestyle choices, or people who you are just not compatible with?

If you answered yes, don’t worry, you’re not alone.  

Relationships are very complex, and throw in the vegan and vegetarian dating thing and it can become even more complicated. If you are compromising on your core values in order to find a lasting relationship, I’m here to tell you it probably won’t work.

As a vegan matchmaker & dating coach, I can’t tell you how often I’ve seen people struggle to find an amazing veg partner.

I once spoke with a 40 year old man who admitted he has really low self-confidence, he told me he’s embarrassed that he hasn’t been able to settle down and start a family, and that he has given up hope on finding love.

He’s gone through 2 really bad breakups that left him feeling resentful, scared, and resulted in him having low self esteem.  

What has he been doing to try to find love? He’s been doing the dating apps, swiping mindlessly, hoping for a connection.  Even though he knows finding a vegan partner on an app is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

He’s been single for quite some time, and because the dating apps aren’t working for him, he started feeling like something was really wrong with him.

Why is he going on dating apps like so many people? Because it’s the EASY thing to do… 

Repeating the same patterns over and over again won’t give you different results, it’s just going to make you feel even more disconnected, lonely, and frustrated.

Another common theme I’ve heard from several women is that they were married to narcissists and can’t find someone who isn’t self absorbed. They think that if they just moved their location, they’d find people who are more compatible… 

So let me ask you – do you think you are attracting the WRONG kind of love? I want you to take a minute to really think about it…..And it’s ok if you say that you are…this isn’t a judgment on you. And I promise once you decide to change it you will see things differently.

It isn’t the dating app, location or the narcissism that is the issue. It’s that it really IS OK TO STOP DATING THE WRONG PEOPLE AND STOP SWIPING THE DATING APPS!

Finding your love is not impossible. It is available to you and you are not a failure if you’ve not done it yet! 

You only need to find ONE person, there are 8 billion people on the planet….. 

So the question you really need to consider is

Do you think you might be attracting the WRONG kind of love?

Take Mary for example, she spent TWO decades dating and feeling frustrated because she couldn’t find any veg men! So she went on a bunch of dates with men who weren’t vegan. But the problem was that she was miserable sitting across the table and having to watch someone eat steak, or her date would take her somewhere and there was nothing but salad on the menu for her to eat…. 

One time a guy proposed going to the zoo for a date [because she “loved animals” so much]…yup!

When she started working with me, we worked through the process to let go of compromising her core values and reclaim the respect she deserves while vegan dating.

We all deserve that respect. 

We all deserve life beyond Match, Bumble, Tinder, Grinder, Hinge, OkCupid and the like…

What if the plan was based on YOU NOT WASTING YOUR TIME?

It can be. You just need to decide. When you’re ready, book a call with me


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How to Find Your Vegan Love 101 – Part 3

Vegan Dating Doesn’t Have To Be Hard 

Vegan dating doesn’t have to be hard. If you have a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle and are looking for matchmaking, dating or love, you are not single for the reasons you think you are.

This blog is a continuation of the series on how to find your Vegan Love 101.

Too often my clients come to me thinking they are single for one reason, but after just one Cupid Call with them I’m able to uncover the patterns of what’s REALLY holding them back.  

So you might be asking yourself what’s the most common reason why people are single?  Well let me tell you, it’s because you are blocking yourself!

If you are like my most successful clients before we started working together, then chances are, you are probably blocking your own love life. We all have baggage from past relationships, but the way we carry that baggage determines our ability to find love.  

The number one thing I teach my clients is how to LET GO of ALL of that BS, so that you can be free and move forward. And it’s more than just saying to “let go,” because we go through a systematic process that WORKS no matter how long my clients have held onto their blocks and limiting beliefs.

Love is all about taking risks, there is no love without risk so it’s normal for you to have your guard up and be protective of your heart.  Getting your heart broken SUCKS, but it is SO worth it in my opinion. But there are ways to let go of that heartbreak and to also take new risks that aren’t as risky. Above everything else, you have to understand how you block yourself and how to remove those blocks so you can experience the love you deserve.

Remove the fear of being vulnerable, of putting yourself out there, and of showing the world how truly amazing you are.

So let me ask you a few questions:

  • Are you overlooking great potential partners over something trivial? 
  • Are you giving people enough of a chance? 
  • Are you running away at the first sight of what you consider to be a “red” flag?
  • Are you doing the same thing over and over again, and still frustrated that you’ve not gotten different results?

You are being blocked by the stories you tell yourself and by your behaviors. 

Honestly, the “too picky” story really is that you’ve become “comfortable” being alone,  you don’t truly believe in yourself, you don’t think your person even exists. 

No wonder you’re struggling! And, if you don’t believe in yourself, I’m going to take a guess that you’re like most of my most clients when they start working with me: 

You don’t think you are WORTHY of finding love and being loved.

The story that you’re single because you’re too picky or that you can’t find any single veg men or women is just that… a story.

Yes the pool of veg single is small compared to the rest of the population, but you don’t need to have a million people to choose from to find someone truly special.  It only takes ONE person 🙂

But it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible for you to find veg love! I’ve proven time and time again that the veg singles are out there, and I’ve been able to find thousands of them all over USA/Canada.

Oftentimes love is right under our nose, and it’s SO easy to miss out on amazing people when we are blocking ourselves with the things that we think are the reasons why we can’t find our veg love.

The truth is that we aren’t in the right mindset to find love! 

Here are the most important things to know:

  • Vegan dating and partnership doesn’t have to be hard
  • Letting go doesn’t mean just getting over it…it means you have to work through it
  • Your person is out there, and you don’t have to sacrifice yourself to find them or keep them.

Two last questions before I go…

Have you ever asked yourself WHY you’re single? 

What patterns do you need to break up with to become available and ready for love?

I’d love it if you share with me

Or, if you’ve had enough of blocking yourself and want to move through this to the love you desire, it’s time to invest and book a call with me.


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How to Find Your Vegan Love 101 – Part 2

Finding the vegan partner of your dreams doesn’t have to be a fantasy

Many of you know, I started offering matchmaking services to help veg singles across the USA and Canada find their animal-loving soulmates. 

And while many of my clients have found great matches, my biggest “secret” success comes from working with them to help them be the love of their lives and help them become the magnet who attracts what they seek.

This is more than vegan dating and a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle.

This is about finding the Veg Love of your Dreams.

So first, a spoiler alert: 


It’s true. You’re not. And you’re wasting your time doing all the wrong things to find love because before you find the ultimate match, you have to be the love of your life.

And honestly, I want you to ask yourself a question before we proceed any further:

Have you truly given yourself permission to find deep, lasting veg love?

Until we delve into these concepts, matchmaking on its own won’t ever work.

And before we go any further, I want to start with an assessment of where you are RIGHT NOW.

Grab a piece of paper and a pen…

Answer all of the the questions with a yes or no:

  1. Do you spend WAY too much time on dating apps and websites?
  2. Do you compromise on your morals, values, and beliefs by going on dates with people who don’t respect your choices?
  3. Do you feel hopeless that you’ll never be able to find a veg partner that totally gets you?
  4. Do you ever hope for days where you’re just laying in bed all day, cuddling and watching Netflix with your animal loving soulmate?
  5. Are you tired of your dates being “so concerned” about your protein intake?
  6. Are you tired of going to family functions and having people continually ask you when you’re going to get married?
  7. Do you feel like the 3rd wheel when you go out with your friends?
  8. Deep down, are you beginning to feel like you’ll never find a veg partner, or secretly that you’ll never restore your belief in true love and find the veg love of your life?

If you’ve got more than 2 Yeses on your paper, I’ve got good news and better news.

The good news is that none of the problems I just shared with you is the REAL issue and therefore, you don’t need to fix each one individually. 

The BETTER news is that I’m going to help you go deeper to where all these seemingly separate problems originate so you can fix the root cause. 

You ready? Stay tuned for the next installment!

Want to share your results and start taking action now? Take a look at how I work with my best clients to help them be and find the love they seek.


ps. NEW: Find Your Match Program – a GREAT alternative to dating apps, I promise!