The Blind Love Experiment with Vegan Cupid

The show will be LIVE Streamed on the Find Veg Love Facebook page on Saturday May 23rd @730pm EDT and will be airing on the Plant-Based Network later that week!

Is it possible to develop a connection with someone without seeing what they look like? 

Online dating can feel very shallow, like you’re “shopping” for the right person. How do you start an authentic relationship when your first step is treating the person like an item on Amazon?

It’s so easy to miss “the one” when you’re swiping left and right based on a “type” that doesn’t have anything to do with the things that really matter in making a relationship last. 

What happens when we remove the sight part of “love at first sight”? When we stop “judging a book by its cover”, and we take the time to get to know someone on a deep level without any judgments about their body?

I want to find out and will be testing if love can come without first sight by doing a live show with 1 bachelor and 3 potential matches!  

I’ll pre-screen matches and then you’ll watch live as the bachelor interviews them and gets to know them (without any idea what they look like). At the end, he’ll decide who is the match that lights his fire the most. Only then will they see each other for the first time!”

Will he still feel a connection for her? Will she think “ooo…what a catch!”? What will happen next? 

Want to be part of this live experiment?  Fill out an application! 

The show will be live streamed on Facebook and will also be appearing on The Plant-Based Network



For the first show I am looking for 3 plant-based single women between the ages of 25-35ish, living in the West Coast (or open to relocating) with an active lifestyle and are super open-minded, not afraid to speak their mind, outgoing, and non-religious.

Must be able to handle a man with a strong sense of sarcasm, who loves healthy competitions–be in some sort of sport, board game, video game, or generally anything where you can challenge each other.

My bachelor is incredibly patient and has a strong preference to do things that are engaging and active, especially games. 

If this sounds like you, fill out an application!

Interviews will start shortly.

ps. Looking for tips on how to have great video dates? Check out this workshop!

First Date Tips

First Date Tips by Vegan Cupid from Find Veg Love

First dates can be really fun but they can also be totally awkward…especially for vegans who get grilled (pun intended) about their eating habits, protein intake, and iron levels.  But hopefully you’re skipping all that awkwardness and by going on a date with someone who respects and aligns with your food choices.  

So here are some tips to deal with normal first date awkwardness

What to wear

I always tell my clients to be themselves on a date.  If you never wear heels, don’t wear them on a first date! Not only will you have a hard time walking in them, but you just won’t be comfortable.  For men, if you’ve totally not the type of man who wears a tie, don’t wear one just for the sake of impressing your date. Make sure you feel like yourself and are comfortable. I also don’t recommend wearing a brand new outfit because you might end up realizing it doesn’t fit comfortably. The last thing you want to do is adjust yourself every 2 seconds.

Where to go on a date

First dates often take place at a restaurant, but I’m not a fan of going out for dinner on a first date for a few reasons.  Having to look at someone in the eyes will eating can sometimes be awkward, especially if you get food stuck in your teeth! But most importantly it’s harder to build chemistry with someone when you are sitting across from them.  I recommend planning a date that involves some sort of activity where you are having fun and keeping it casual. Try bowling, going to a museum, mini-golf, that kind of thing. 

What to say

The purpose of dating is to get to know someone, figure out if you’re compatible, and see what you have in common.  The best way to do that is to ask your date questions that will encourage positive conversations attached to a specific memory. For example: “what was your favorite meal growing up?” This allows your date to access and share their emotions which helps form a bond. It’s really important to show your date that you’re genuinely interested in getting to know them, questions like “tell me more” are also great! Compliments are nice, but can sometimes come off as “generic”.  So asking the right types of questions will make your date feel good about themselves and it will really set you apart from others. Whatever you do, don’t talk their ear off about yourself the whole night! 

Key tip: Be open-minded

Remember, first dates can be completely awkward for many reasons. Remember that the person might be really shy, or maybe they didn’t have a great date, or maybe they have some family drama going on.  Just because you don’t feel butterflies on the first date, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t right for you! Don’t let fairy tale notions of how love should feel get in the way. Go on a second date or third date before deciding if you want to pursue things with this person.  One date is not enough to have a complete sense of who the other person is. Don’t let snap judgments ruin something that could be amazing.

Looking for specific date ideas for Valentine’s Day? Check out this article

Happy Valentine’s Day! <3

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The Vegan Cupid Show – Participants Needed

Calling all Single Vegans and Vegetarians!

Love is in the air…..

Get your chance to find it.

In celebration of Valentine’s Day The Plant-Based Network & Find Veg Love are announcing their forthcoming Dating Game-style show made for vegetarians and vegans — THE VEGAN CUPID SHOW!

I will be setting up one lucky bachelor/bachelorette with one of 3 potential matches for the show. And that could be you!!

Potential participants must be vegetarian/vegan, single, and seriously interested in finding a veg partner.

Filming will be taking place in Los Angeles later this year.

Not interested in being part of the show?

That’s ok. You can still find love by signing up for my database for a chance to find a potential match with one of my extremely eligible matchmaking clients!

Fill out your profile here  (if you’re already in my database, please login and add a note under “anything else I should know” – saying you’re interested in participating)

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Ready for Love Course – Open for Registration

I am really excited to present you with the FIRST ever online dating course geared towards veg singles called Ready For Love!

While working with private one-on-one clients for my matchmaking service, I realized there was a really big need for this course.

I could see that veg singles struggled to find love. They think it’s because their ideal partner doesn’t exist, or that the pool of veg singles is too small.

But after helping so many of my clients, I’ve realized it’s really because they are blocking their own love life by putting up walls. They’re unable to let go of things that are holding them back.

I strongly believe that the course will help restore your feeling of hope that it is possible to find a partner who shares your beliefs, and it will give you a clearer picture of who you are and what you are truly looking for in a partner.

So for the past couple of months, I’ve been distilling what I’ve learned about the keys to a successful relationship.

This course is designed to change the way you look at dating, love, and relationships. It will get you on a clear path to attract and receive the RIGHT kind of love–the love you’ve been looking for and truly deserve.

You’ll get tons of support, guidance, and will feel empowerment and motivated to find veg love.

Spots are limited. So if this is something you think you might be interested in, let’s talk really soon.

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How I use my Veg Matchmaking Database

Recently I’ve been getting lots of questions about my database, so I thought I would put together this little video to shed some light on a few things.

My vegan matchmaking services are totally unique and getting into my database for free is my gift to you!

I love bringing people together and feel so grateful to be doing this kind of work.  There is so much hate in the world right now, and what we all need more is LOVE.  So please always choose your words very careful because they can be really hurtful.

I work alone, there is only one of me, and so many hours in a day, but my passion keeps me going! <3

If you’re feeling alone, stuck, and ready to take action of your love life I’d love to help you.

I’m your go to place for all things related to vegan dating, vegan love, and vegan relationships

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What my clients are saying

I wanted to share some pretty amazing things that I’ve been hearing from my clients these days:

“We talked on the phone for 5 hours!”

“We have so much in common it’s almost unbelievable”

“She seems unique and unlike anyone I have ever dated before”

“I can’t believe I’m saying this, but 2 weeks after I had my coaching session with you I met someone and we’re now exclusive!  You really helped me let go of what was holding me back and I was able to open up my heart again, Thank you! ”

I couldn’t be more thrilled and it totally warms my heart to see my clients finally breaking free from their old patterns and having really positive dating experiences.

Remember that VegNews article I was telling you about a couple of weeks ago?

It was published not too long ago, you can check it out here.

And on that note, I’ve added my Ready For Love course info on my website and it now open for enrolment.

I have a limited number of spots available in the course, lets talk!

This course is going to be a total game changer and you will experience a transformation.

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