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What Clients Say About My Programs

From just one 45-minute call with Vegan Cupid, Ms. L decided to take massive action in her love life. She gave herself permission to invest in HERSELF and, according to her, it was a GREAT investment!

“I knew this program wouldn’t cost a couple of $100, and I was ok with that. Investing in myself triggers me that I need to take this seriously. So I knew that I needed that final push. Anything that comes out of the program is NOT wasted time, you will learn SO much! The investment has been definitely worth it in my perspective.”

What my clients experienced going through my program

  • I am ready for and worthy of love!
    Karine has helped me rediscover that I am ready for and worthy of love. When I joined her program, I struggled with doubts about my suitability as a partner. As I engaged with the lessons and attended the group sessions, I let go of concerns that were baseless and focused on those that pointed to legitimate areas of growth. Working with Karine has helped me understand that dating does not have to be so dire. I am thrilled to continue working with Karine and I am confident I will find love.
    male, 33, California
    Software Developer
  • I have gained greater confidence that finding love is an inevitability
    The community with other clients in the program, and having a veg community to share life with as we go through our single pursuits has been really amazing! I have discovered useful material regarding dating and emotional health. The program in particular has turned me on to some new ways of looking at several aspects of my life. I have discovered that the veg community is bigger than I had previously thought. Finally, I have gained greater confidence that finding the right person to match with in my love life is not just a distant possibility but an inevitability.
    male, 29, California

Joe shares his experience with my program

Joe refers to the program as  “A TOTAL LOVE HEALTH experience”

“I tried ALL the dating apps…it was pretty terrible. I knew that I needed to make a big change, and I wanted to go ALL-IN”

What my clients are saying

  • "You clearly know what you're doing!"
  • "I'm excited and energized!"
  • "I am extraordinarily optimistic and hopeful"
  • "Such a great and unique service"

Dave shares his experience with my program

“Now that I’ve graduated from the program, I am really committed to finding love and feel more confident!”

“In one of [Karine’s] videos she said “it’s not them, it’s YOU” and that made me realize there was something I needed to work on– the fact that I was blocking myself. The program was so much fun! Being in a supportive environment really helped me with my accountability.

What my Matchmaking Clients are saying

  • "Karine is an exceptional matchmaker"
    There is one big reason why I decided to work with Karine: if I'm ever going to find someone I really want to be with long term, she has to be vegan and tick several other boxes as well. I wanted her to help me explore that possibility. Karine is an exceptional matchmaker that really cares about her clients. If veganism is important to you and you want to meet a high quality, successful vegan partner who is serious about a relationship give her a try.
    male, 32, DC
  • "Karine works so hard to bring souls together"
    I believe that it is easy to meet women, but sometimes one needs help meeting the right woman-- especially ones that are veg. Over the years I have gotten to know Karine and I really respect those who follow their dreams and in doing so, help others. Karine works so hard to bring souls together; something that no one can put a price on. I hired Karine to help me because of who she is, what she stands for and how much she cares. She listens, works hard, is easy going, playful, non-judgmental and has connected me with amazing women that I would not meet otherwise.
    male, 43, California