4 Week Dating Refresh Bootcamp Program For Veg Women

Is this YOU?

 💚 You’ve almost GIVEN UP HOPE of meeting your veggie soulmate because you think they don’t exist– especially during a pandemic.

💚 Swiping mindlessly on yet ANOTHER dating app, repeating the same patterns over and over again hoping for a different outcome, is killing your hope that real love is possible.

💚 You’ve been single for so long, you have become “too picky”. 

💚  You feel like you are compromising your morals, values, and ethics by going on dates with people who don’t respect your veg lifestyle.

Let’s change that!

I am SUPER EXCITED to offer this 4-week, fast-paced, all encompassing, FUN, not-your-average bootcamp session for 5 Veg Women who are looking for a veg partner and want to be HAPPY AND SUCCESSFUL while dating with the right support and strategy!

This bootcamp is the perfect way to get in  TIP-TOP shape to tackle the vegan dating world differently just in time to have an amazing Summer romance. (without the squats and pushups!)

This program is for women who are looking for a veg partner but are frustrated and unsuccessful either because they’re not putting themselves out there, or because they’re not dating with the right strategy.

If you’re ready to:

💚 Let go of the past and get a FRESH start 

💚 Stop blocking yourself

💚 Gain a better understanding of what’s really important in a relationship

💚 Get insight on how to put yourself out there with confidence

💚 Meet other veg singles and make new veg friends

💚 Learn how to date during a pandemic


If you don’t know where to start, could use a confidence boost, and prefer to have encouragement along the way as opposed to going at it alone, this program is for you!

Program Overview  

Week #1 - Letting Go - It’s Time for a NEW Start:

You will start with letting go of whatever is holding you back and keeping you stuck, whether it’s feelings of shame, guilt, or resentment, a past relationship, heartache, judgements, or beliefs. I truly believe that it’s the most important thing to do when starting your journey.  

There is no better feeling than starting off with a “clean slate”.  And it’s more than just saying “I let go,” because we all know that doesn’t deliver. 

During this first week, we go through a systematic process that WORKS no matter how long you have held onto your blocks and limiting beliefs. You’ll be able to look at life and relationships through a new perspective and be ready to move forward with a positive attitude!

Week #2 - Stop Blocking Yourself - Limiting Beliefs

One of the most common reasons why people are single is because they are blocking themselves. What does this mean? It’s different for everyone, but it can be things like being closed-minded, having your guard up, living in the past, unrealistic expectations, a long list of non-negotiables, that kind of thing. 

You will learn how to open your mind and how that can mean the difference between continuing to be single vs. actually finding love.  You’ll also learn how limiting beliefs negatively impact your chances and how to get “unstuck”.

Week #3 - The Dating Game: How to Find Your BEST Match and Build Chemistry

Did you know that knowing your OWN love language can help you determine if someone is a good match for you or not? Do you know what types of questions to ask your date to figure out if you’re compatible? 

Whether you’ve been in the dating scene for quite some time, or you’re just getting back into it, it can feel pretty overwhelming…Between all the dating apps, the ghosting, “experts” telling you to follow silly “rules”, and all the conflicting tips and advice, it’s hard to know what to think and do. With me you’ll learn specifically how to “do you” by learning how to tune in and truly listen to your intuition. You’ll also get tips on best practices for date preparation, how to feel more confident, and most importantly how to recognize the “red” and “green” flags when it comes to dating. 

The energy you put out there sets the tone for the partner that you will find and attract. Let’s help you become the love magnet you desire!

Week #4 Dating During a Pandemic

The pandemic has forever changed the dating landscape and now more than ever singles are turning to virtual dates as a means to be able to continue meeting and connecting with others in a safe, meaningful way, from the comfort of their home.  

I know it’s not the same as meeting someone in real life, but I assure you, it’s totally possible to develop a connection with someone over video. 

Several of my clients have formed incredible relationships– yes, ALL virtually.  In fact, even before the pandemic my clients were doing the video dating thing because they were talking with people who didn’t live in the same city, or even the same state as them! 

I know it can seem intimidating, especially if you’ve never done it before, but after this module you will have gained so many valuable tips and insights, and will be more confident about your video dating game than ever!

Includes the following:

💚 4 training modules packed with tools and workbooks

💚 4 weeks of impactful group calls Wednesdays at 12pm PT / 3pm ET (calls will be recorded if you can’t make it) OR 4 weekly check-ins via email

💚 4 weeks of focused accountability (I will be sending you a google form every week to track your progress)

💚 4 weeks of support in my private Ready for Love Facebook group where you can connect with other clients from the program

💚 A community of like-minded vegans and vegetarians on a similar journey to support you

💚 Access to my Video Dating 101 Guide outlining all my best video-dating secrets, do’s and don’ts, conversation starters, technical tips, and more!

💚 Lifetime access to modules


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