The Blind Love Experiment with Vegan Cupid

The show will be LIVE Streamed on the Find Veg Love Facebook page on Saturday May 23rd @730pm EDT and will be airing on the Plant-Based Network later that week!

Is it possible to develop a connection with someone without seeing what they look like? 

Online dating can feel very shallow, like you’re “shopping” for the right person. How do you start an authentic relationship when your first step is treating the person like an item on Amazon?

It’s so easy to miss “the one” when you’re swiping left and right based on a “type” that doesn’t have anything to do with the things that really matter in making a relationship last. 

What happens when we remove the sight part of “love at first sight”? When we stop “judging a book by its cover”, and we take the time to get to know someone on a deep level without any judgments about their body?

I want to find out and will be testing if love can come without first sight by doing a live show with 1 bachelor and 3 potential matches!  

I’ll pre-screen matches and then you’ll watch live as the bachelor interviews them and gets to know them (without any idea what they look like). At the end, he’ll decide who is the match that lights his fire the most. Only then will they see each other for the first time!”

Will he still feel a connection for her? Will she think “ooo…what a catch!”? What will happen next? 

Want to be part of this live experiment?  Fill out an application! 

The show will be live streamed on Facebook and will also be appearing on The Plant-Based Network



For the first show I am looking for 3 plant-based single women between the ages of 25-35ish, living in the West Coast (or open to relocating) with an active lifestyle and are super open-minded, not afraid to speak their mind, outgoing, and non-religious.

Must be able to handle a man with a strong sense of sarcasm, who loves healthy competitions–be in some sort of sport, board game, video game, or generally anything where you can challenge each other.

My bachelor is incredibly patient and has a strong preference to do things that are engaging and active, especially games. 

If this sounds like you, fill out an application!

Interviews will start shortly.

ps. Looking for tips on how to have great video dates? Check out this workshop!