How Ashley & David Found Love at Veg Speed Date: 2nd Anniversary Interview!

We’re so excited to congratulate David and Ashley for recently celebrating their two-year anniversary! They met at a Veg Speed Date event in San Francisco. Read on to hear their sweet story, and be sure to sign up for a Veg Speed Date event near you to create your own love story!


VSD: So, when did you two meet?
David and Ashley: We met at the Veg Speed Date event in San Francisco on December 6, 2014.

VSD: Had you ever gone to a speed dating event before?

David: I had been to a speed networking event before, but never a speed dating event. I was intrigued by the idea; it seemed like an efficient way to meet people and an interesting experience at the very least.
Ashley: No! I never thought I would have, except I saw this and wanted to go with my roommate just for fun with no expectations. She flaked on me but I decided to go anyway!

VSD: How long have you been vegan or vegetarian?

David: I decided to go vegetarian sometime around 1995. I tried a vegan diet for six months around 2013 and have been following a mostly vegan diet since 2015.
Ashley: Vegetarian going on seven years, vegan going on four.

VSD: That’s awesome! So, do you think you would have met if you hadn’t gone to the Veg Speed Date event?

David: I’d like to think so, but I’m glad we don’t have to test that theory. I wouldn’t want to risk any possibility of Ashley not being in my life.
Ashley: After we started dating, we realized we’d both attended the same event a few months prior to the veg speed dating event! (SOMA Vegan Food Truck Fair in September 2014) so it’s possible – we eerily like doing all the same things AND are inescapably drawn to each other.

VSD: Well, we’re definitely glad too that you don’t have to test that theory! What was your first impression of the other person at the event? When did you first notice them?

David: Once we were given the green light to start the first round of conversations, a few things happened in rapid succession:
1. I saw a ridiculously gorgeous woman sitting at one of the tables (Hint: It was Ashley).
2. I realized nobody was sitting with her yet.
3. I went over there immediately so I could talk to her first!

Ashley: (We’ve told this story many times because it’s ridiculous) – At the wine bar, prior to the start of the whole thing, Karine gathered us all together to tell us how the night was going to work and what to expect. The women were to find a table and sit, while the men would be rotating from woman to woman after five minutes or so with each woman.

We were then free to find our tables and begin. I sat down at my table, and IMMEDIATELY (as other people were still milling about trying to find their tables), David comes over to my table and confidently asks, “May I sit here?” – picking me as his first woman to talk to of the night!

VSD: Smart man! What was something memorable from your mini-date at the event?

David: I remember Ashley telling me about work she had done supporting homeless children, which I thought was really cool. Right out of the gate, she seemed really interesting and easy to talk to. When it was time to switch, I didn’t want our time to end.
Ashley: His ridiculous hair. And the fact that when I asked, “So where do you live?” David answered, “Hayward.” I immediately thought to myself, “Oh this will never happen—who lives in Hayward!? Where IS Hayward!?” Fast forward two years— live in Hayward, with David 🙂

VSD: How did you do your follow-up afterwards?

David: Karine sent follow-up emails to each couple who matched with each other, so I followed up right away to say that I was happy we were matched. I also explained a bit about where I was at and what I was looking for (to set clear expectations and not waste anyone’s time and emotional energy if we were looking for something different). I wanted to see if, knowing all of that, she was interested in hanging out and getting to know each other better. I was very happy when she replied that she was on the same page.
Ashley: David emailed me explaining his stance on relationships and where he was at in his life. I was in the same boat (not looking for anything serious, just something fun and casual). After we agreed on the status, he then emailed me with a barrage of options of things to do—including anthropomorphize objects in a touristy place and then write a book about people’s reactions. I knew at that moment—this guy was awesome.

VSD: That’s so sweet! OK, so you both started out wanting something fun and casual–what changed?

Ashley and David: We spent pretty much every weekend together after we first met. Then, one morning around March or April, after spending yet another amazing night together, Ashley looked at David and said: “I can’t keep denying how I feel about you.” And he responded that he felt the same way. And then boom! Today we describe our relationship as just one long continuous amazing date! Every day is a new adventure 🙂

VSD: What’s the best thing about your relationship?

David: This is impossible to answer. Everything about our relationship is the best. From the very beginning, we’ve been a perfect fit and have been respectful and supportive of each other as individuals while cultivating a partnership infused with overwhelming love, joy, and clarity. I am so grateful for it.
Ashley: EVERYTHING. This is impossible to answer with words—only those who’ve been in the deepest, most wonderful place of love, have the tiniest inkling of how I feel about David.

VSD: Aww! Love it, love it, love it! And what are the top three things you love about your partner?

David: I love so many things about Ashley I don’t think I could pick the “top three,” but some things that come to mind are her personality (she is full of sunshine and approaches life with positivity, joy, and enthusiasm!), her endless intellectual curiosity, her compassion for others and passion for helping disadvantaged kids reach their full potential.

I also love her devotion to her mom, her thoughtfulness (I love our philosophical conversations), her drive, her passion for delicious and healthy plant-based food (and her prowess at making it), her wisdom, and really just everything about her.
Ashley: What a question! His unending love and devotion to his family and those he loves, his everlasting kindness and desire to bring joy to everyone in his life, his drive for the betterment of himself through every single action he does in the day—and his hair!